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February 2023 Geography Subject Update

Wed Feb 08 10:00:00 UTC 2023

The latest updates and news, reminders and advice, for Edexcel Geography teachers from your Subject Advisor, Jon Wolton

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Summer 2023: content and assessment arrangements

Reminder of the return to full subject content and assessment coverage for all  Geography qualifcations in Summer 2023. The update concerns the content and assessment arrangements for GCSE Geography A and B, International GCSE Geography and A level Geography in Summer 2023.

2023 Fieldwork Statement

A reminder that a Fieldwork Statement from centres is required again in 2023 to confirm that your geographers have done the compulsory fieldwork for GCSE Geography, AS Geogrpahy, A level Geography and International AS Level Geography.

Fieldwork Statement Forms can be found on the relevant qualifcation page under 'Forms and administration' or as an appendix in the relevant specification.

Your Fieldwork Statement must be submitted using the link below:

Reminder on A level Geogarphy Coursework / NEA mark submission via Edexcel Online

Please enter the student marks you awarded to ALL your students on Edexcel Online by 15 May. For each student you should submit the raw mark out of 70.

You should be able to start submitting marks from March 2023 but you won’t be able to view the requested sample until mid-April 2023 (when you log in to Edexcel Online and go to the coursework mark submission screen there will be a tick next to the candidates' names that need to be submitted for moderation).  

Reminder to submit your Coursework / NEA via Learner Work Transfer Portal (LWT) 

Just like last year you will need to submit all A level Geography coursework / NEA samples via the digital Learner Work Transfer portal and there is no hard copy submission of coursework samples in Summer 2023. 

We have created a guidance document for teachers to provide more information and guidance on the process. The document outlines the different ways in which you can submit samples online. It may have implications on how you asj students to submit their coursework ie digitally.

Tip: Remember that you can either annotate the Independent Investigation Mark Sheet (using the comments box) rather than the actual coursework if it helps with end to end digital submission of the coursework (rather than printing and then scanning of work). 

On demand A level Coursework Marking Training

Reminder, as many colleagues will be marking Independent Investigation now, about our on demand marking training which is split into four modules.

Download each module below:

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GCSE Geography Summer 2022 additional exemplar booklets

We have produced some additional GCSE Geography exemplar booklets from the Summer 2022 exam series and we have one booklet of exemplars per paper. The focus is on exemplifying the different types of 8 mark extended response questions and Explain/Suggest 3- or 4-mark questions. They are now available to download from the qualification page under ‘Exemplar student material’

You can also find them below:

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GCSE and A level Network Event Recordings and materials

We recently ran network events for GCSE and A level Geography. You can download a link to the video recording of and the event materials for each on our website:

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GCSE Geography B - Paper 3: preparing students for making geographical decisions

For many students the best thing about studying geography is then using it to make informed decisions about global issues they see in the news.

Our Pearson Edexcel GCSE Geography B - Paper 3: preparing students for making geographical decisions helps them to do just that.

We have an online event on 6 March 2023 at 16:00-18:00 GMT is designed for teachers who are delivering this component


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