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October 2023 teaching English update

3 October 2023

Read a summary of the latest updates for teaching our English qualifications.

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I hope the term is going well. As the post-results period closes, many of you are turning your attention to setting up coursework for Int GCSEs and A levels. It’s been a pleasure to hear from so many teachers during September and get a feel for the areas that you’d like support with.

National Poetry Day (NPD), 5 October: ‘Refuge’ 

Visit the brilliant NPD website for ideas about how to celebrate this wonderful art form that can move us so much with so few words. 

Would you like to talk to us about your experiences of teaching English and delivering English qualifications?

The Pearson English Product Team would like to visit and speak to English departments in UK-based schools about their current needs and issues around KS3, GCSE and A-Level, and the future of English.

Please complete the form if you would be happy to host a visit or speak to us in an online session.

November exam series for GCSE English Language

Access the resit rules
Access submission guidance

Entry deadline: 4 October 2023

Eligibility: any student who was aged at least 16 on 31 August 2023

SLE: enter grades on Edexcel Online by 5.11.23 (or carry forward from a previous series using the ‘T’ entry option); upload video-recordings on the LWT
by 5.11.23.

Exam dates 1EN0/1EN2

Tuesday 7 November: 1EN0 01 & 1EN2 01, am
Thursday 9 November: 1EN0 02 & 1EN2 02, am

Access the full exam timetable.

November exam series for Int GCSE English Language and English Literature

Access the resit rules
Access the entry option codes in the information manual

Entry deadline: 15 September 2023
Eligibility: open series, students sitting for the first time and those who are resitting

Coursework and optional SLE: enter marks/grades on Edexcel Online by
7.11.23 (or carry forward from a previous series using the correct
entry option); upload video-recordings on the LWT by 7.11.23.

Exam dates 4EA1/4EB1/4ET1

Monday 6 November: 4ET1 01, am
Tuesday 7 November: 4EA1 01 & 4EB1 01, am
Thursday 9 November: 4EA1 02, am
Friday 24 November: 4ET1 02, am

Access the full exam timetable.

Find out when you will be able to access the exam materials from the November 2023 exam series.

Key updates for the 2023-2024 academic year

It was great to see so many teachers at our briefings for this year:

GCSE spoken language endorsement refresher
International GCSE
A level

Access all the slides and recordings.

New exemplars from the June 2023 exam series

Access all the new exemplars for GCSE and A level.


Access the ordering instructions. The access code is KEHSY.

Int GCSE anthology

The Int GCSE anthology has now been reprinted and can be ordered.

Please note, we now have the issue 6 anthology on the website. There
is no need to order new anthologies if you have issue 4 or issue 5. The only changes in issue 6 are to some titling as a result of the introduction of the modular Int GCSE for international centres only.

Modified versions of the Int GCSE anthology

You can now download an 18pt version. We are working on three further modified formats along with a process to obtain these hard copy. I will update you when these are available.

Access the 18pt anthology.


Training opportunities

Don’t miss the great range of free courses on offer this term: Summer 2023 exam feedback and network for each GCSE; ‘New to’ each GCSE; How to apply the mark scheme; and support with diversifying your KS4 texts from Bennie Kara.

Browse and book free training.

A level

Book your place on coursework marking training for each A level; ‘New to A level
English Literature’ & ‘Summer 2023 feedback’ for English literature.

Book A level training.

English Literature

New texts reminders

Please note the four new texts added in 2022, for first assessment at A level in June 2024 (Les Blancs, Sweat, The Cutting Season and Home Fire).

Access the specification with details of the new texts.

Mock papers with the new texts and showing the revised question order

Please use the mock papers to ensure that your students are familiar with the question order that they will encounter in June 2024.

Access mock papers.

Remind yourself of the changes.

Pre-recorded training on the new texts will be available soon.

'Les Blancs' available again

We're happy to confirm that 'Les Blancs' can now be purchased again. The ISBN of the standard paperback edition is 9780573611513.

Are you teaching 'Les Blancs'?

If you are teaching 'Les Blancs' for A level English Literature and would be interested in getting in touch with other teachers to share ideas/resources, please drop me a line at teachingenglish@pearson.com and I will 'join you up'. Please state that you are happy for your email address to be shared with other teachers for this purpose only.

International GCSE reminders

English Language A

Please note the changes to coursework affecting certification from June 2024. November 2023, is the last exam series in which the ‘old style’ reading coursework (on 2 texts with commentary) may be submitted, following the issue 5 specification. From June 2024, all coursework submissions must follow the issue 6 specification (3 texts, including poetry and prose, with no commentary).

Access support for the new coursework format.

English Language A and B optional spoken language endorsement

Please access the new Administrative Support Guide to help you with video-recording your sample, naming files and uploading to the LWT.

Modular International English GCSEs for international centres

We now offer a modular version of these qualifications:

English Language A
English Literature 
Find out more about modular Int GCSEs.

You can now access course planners and schemes of work for the English Language A and English Literature modular routes.

Onscreen assessment

Find out about onscreen assessment for English for this academic year

Let us know if you want to use this option.

International A levels

Onscreen option

In June 2024, students can sit their IAL units for English Language and English Literature onscreen. Let us know that you’re interested in offering IAL onscreen and then, once approved, select the ‘C’ options in the information manual for these qualifications.

Let us know that you’re interested in offering IAL onscreen.

Pre-release materials for IAL English Language Unit 4 for January and June 2024

Access the pre-release materials for January with your Edexcel Online login.
The June 2024 materials will be published on the website on 1 December 2023.

Student books for IAL English Language and English Literature

We have not published student books for these qualifications.
Read guidance on resources.

iPrimary curriculum

Access the pre-release materials for the 17 October 2023 assessment for Y6 with your Edexcel Online login.

Mocks and moderation service

Explore our range of mocks and moderation services.

I hope the term continues to run smoothly and look forward to supporting you this year.

Best wishes

Clare Haviland


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