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Free access to Scripts for GCSE English (2EH01) and GCSE English Language (2EN01) summer 2016

6 October 2016

For the summer 2016 exam series, we are offering teachers a new opportunity to view their candidates’ scripts free of charge. 

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You may wish to view scripts (ATSC-photocopy) in order to assist you in making decisions about whether or not to apply for a review of marking (EAR), or for the purposes of teaching and learning (ATSO-original). We're piloting these free services this summer with a view to making them more widely available from summer 2017.

Frequently asked questions

  • GCSE English - 5EH2F and 5EH2H
  • GCSE English Language - 5EN2F and 5EN2H.

ATSC: from GCSE results day, Thursday 25 August 2016 until Friday 2 September 2016. Scripts will be delivered by 10 September in advance of the EAR deadline of 20 September.

ATSO: from GCSE results day, 25 August until 4 October, you can request free access to 5EH2F/2H and 5EN2F/2H scripts using the ‘access to scripts-original’ (ATSO) option. These scripts will be delivered from 21 September after the deadline for requesting a review of making (EAR) has passed. Do not choose this option if you wish to apply for an EAR.

No, it doesn’t prevent you from requesting a review of marking but you cannot request a priority review of marking (EAR2P) after requesting the ‘access to scripts-photocopy’ (ATSC) option. If you wish to make use of EAR2P and want to see your student’s script after the EAR is complete, you will need to use the ATSPE service which costs £10.30 per unit, per candidate.

No, examiner annotation does not appear on either ATSC or ATSO scripts. ATSPE scripts may contain examiner comments.

Please note that in most centres, exams officers place orders for post-results services. However in some centres, the exams officer may also give additional members of staff permission to order post-results services on Edexcel Online.  Teachers wishing to order scripts should see their exams officers.

Scripts will usually be delivered to the exam officer’s Edexcel Online mailbox within a few hours. If a candidate’s script could not be marked online (for example, because they wrote outside the usual rubric), their script will be delivered to your centre by 10 September.

To order free access to scripts follow these steps:

  • Log on to Edexcel Online
  • Enter 'GCSE' in the 'select qualification' box top left
  • Enter centre number top centre
  • Choose 'post results' from blue menu on left
  • Choose 'new request'
  • Select a session 'June 2016'
  • Service type, select ATSC-ATS photocopy or ATSO-ATS original
  • Enter unit
  • Tick the names of the candidates whose scripts you wish to access
  • Click ‘submit’.

GCSE Post-results services fees & dates, summer 2016, units 5EH2F/2H and 5EN2F/2H



(Thursday 25 August until)

Fee per unit, per candidate (August 2016)

EAR 2P (priority review of marking)

Friday 2 September 2016


EAR 1 (clerical check)

Tuesday 20 September 2016


EAR 2 (review of marking)

Tuesday 20 September 2016


EAR 3 (review of moderation)

Tuesday 20 September 2016

£200 (up to 5 candidates) and £15.50 for each additional candidate.

ATSC (access to scripts photocopy) 5EH2F/2H and 5EN2F/2H

Friday 2 September 2016, scripts delivered by Saturday 10 September 2016


ATSPE (access to scripts post review of marking) 5EH2F/2H and 5EN2F/2H

Tuesday 20 September 2016


ATSO (access to scripts original) 5EH2F/2H and 5EN2F/2H

Tuesday 4 October 2016


For full details of costs, see the fees page

For full explanations of these services, see the post-results services

If you have any questions about these services, please feel free to contact me.


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