February 2024 teaching English update | Pearson qualifications

February 2024 teaching English update

Thu Feb 01 08:59:00 UTC 2024

I hope the term is going well and you’re making good progress towards getting ready for the May/June 2024 exam series, which is now approaching at speed (7 teaching weeks remain until most schools break up in late March).

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Do come and say hello if you’re attending the conference and exhibition. I’m on the Pearson panel in the morning.

The Lit in Colour Pioneers Programme is back. Join the programme to benefit from a range of free texts, and support with teaching a more diverse literature curriculum at GCSE and A level. Entries close on Friday 29 March 2024.

Working on a digital device is a normal way of working for many students, and it’s the way they expect to operate in their future working lives. Many students already word-process their English exams as part of their access arrangements.

 The onscreen format has many benefits which are especially valuable both for SEND students and the whole cohort: use the split screen to look at the reading text and the questions at the same time (no page flipping); use sticky notes to jot down ideas; change font size/colour to a look that is best for you; or highlight parts of the text that you want to draw on whilst planning your response.

Students tell us they want to sit exams onscreen and those that have tried it say it helps them show what they can do. Students say that ‘typed work’ presents their ‘best side’, and allows them to edit more easily. 

GCSE reviews of results are available until 15 February 2024 & access to scripts until 4 April 2024.

Int GCSE reviews of results are available until 22 February 2024 & access to scripts until 18 April 2024.

Important: updated authentication sheets for all English qualifications for May/June 2024

Please ensure you download and use the updated authentication sheets which include AI declarations for teachers and students.

Access information on entry and submission deadlines, submission support sessions and exam timetables.

As we get to the business end of the coursework process, do join me for a support session to go over the requirements as well as a briefing on the May/June exam series:

Int GCSE: 19.3.24, 9-10am (GMT)

A level: 20.3.24, 4-5pm (GMT)

GCSE: 21.3.24, 4-5pm (GMT)

You can now access provisional exam timetables for GCSE, Int GCSE, A level and IALs for the May/June 2025 exam series, and provide feedback at Timetables@Pearson.com until 23 February 2024.

English Language: responses to questions on pre-release materials for June 2024

We have now published the questions you asked and our responses.

Spring 2024 A level networks

These will be available to book soon. 

Production of ‘Sweat’

If you’re teaching ‘Sweat’ on our literature A level, do consider taking your students to see the Royal Exchange Theatre production in April and May. 

The National Literacy Trust is partnering with the acclaimed stage musical ‘Wicked’ on a persuasive writing competition for young people aged 9-14. 

Most Edexcel Online users are now successfully using our authenticator app when opening padlocked materials. 

Good luck getting coursework and spoken language endorsement assessments and video-recordings finished.



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