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April teaching English update

11 April 2023

Dear Colleagues

The key foci ahead are naturally coursework submission and then exams. This update brings together documents you may need such as submission guidance; details of exam timetables; impact of the use of access arrangements; and set text rules. I’m also including some ‘looking ahead’ support for those of you setting up coursework for students starting their work over the summer.

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Onscreen Assessment

Before we go to practicalities though, a brief mention of our ongoing work embracing all that onscreen assessment has to offer. At the end of March we published our Insights Report on Onscreen Assessment.

Insights report on Onscreen Assessment

lit in colour

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Lit in Colour Pioneers

Deadline extended to 28 April. 

We’ve extended the application deadline to give you a little more time.

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Key documents for coursework/SLE submission

GCSE submission guidance for SLE

See also this short video and slides on GCSE English Language SLE submissions.

ASD students and video-recording for 1EN0/1EN2 SLE

Int GCSE submission guidance for SLE and coursework

A level submission guidance for coursework

Entry Level Certificate: this is the only English qualification where your submission is still a paper send, so please factor in postage times for arrival by 15.5.23.

JCQ guidance - AI Use in Assessments: Protecting the Integrity of Qualifications

Guidance on the impact of the use of access arrangements on SPAG marks in English exams



Key dates for the June 23 exam series and submission support sessions

12 April 2023: Edexcel Online/Learner Work Transfer (LWT) portals open for the submission of marks/grades/samples for June 2023

15 May 2023: deadline for submission of marks/grades/samples for NEA for the June 2023 exam series

You can attend free online submission support sessions for each qualification group in this period:



Title & details

Booking link

20 April 2023

08:00-09:00 GMT

International GCSE English: Submission support for coursework (session runs am and pm to suit UK and other locations)

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20 April 2023

16:00-17:00 GMT

International GCSE English: Submission support for coursework (session runs am and pm to suit UK and other locations)

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18 April 2023

16:00-17:00 GMT

GCSE English Language: Submission support for the spoken language endorsement

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19 April 2023

16:00-17:00 GMT

A Level English: Submission support for coursework

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Forthcoming training

Take a look at the 10 remaining events of the academic year for GCSE and A level. Don’t miss, especially, the text-specific events for our four new A level texts: ‘Home Fire’, ‘Sweat’, ‘Les Blancs’ and ‘The Cutting Season’.

Access training events

Int GCSE news & resources

Text suggestions for 4ET1 01
We are at the early stages of considering adding two modern prose texts to Int GCSE English Literature to broaden choice. The additions need to meet our diversity, equity and inclusion values, so we welcome suggestions that increase the representation of writers from less-well represented groups. If you are a Pearson Edexcel centre offering this qualification, please use this form to share any suggestions with us.

Recruiting examiners for English Language A
We’ve seen quite an increase in the uptake of Int GCSE English Language A, and as a result we are recruiting additional examiners. Do apply if you have capacity this summer.

Resource for teaching the 4ET1 01 anthology poems
You can now access voice recordings of 10 of the poems in Part 3 of the Int GCSE anthology which are assessed on Paper 1, Section B Poetry. Our thanks to Anton Jarvis for making the recordings available.

Updated specifications for English Language A
Issue 5 (valid until November 2023): reflects the move to June and November exam series from now on as well as flagging that all coursework and SLE submissions are now digital.

Issue 6 (valid for students certificating in June 2024 and thereafter): reflects the changes to the coursework (correcting 1 error in the marking grids); the move to June and November exam series from now on; and flags that all coursework and SLE submissions are now digital.

Setting up coursework for A level for your incoming Y13s?

Access the key guidance for each A level, including a student-oriented ‘A-Z video guide’:

9ET0 04 English Literature

9EN0 04 English Language

9EL0 03 English Language and Literature

I hope the coursework submission goes smoothly. Do get in touch if you need help. I wish you, your students and their families all the best with their final preparation for exams.


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