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July 2023 Drama update

12 July 2023

Dear colleagues,

As we approach the end of term, I'd like to thank you for all your hard work this year and I hope you enjoy a well-earned rest if you will shortly be enjoying the summer break.

If you ever need to get in touch, please use my details below.

Here is your July 2023 update with all the latest news on our GCSE and A level Drama and Theatre qualifications.
In this update you will find:

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GCSE/A level Drama 2023 exam survey 

To enable us to improve the experience of teachers using our qualifications and students sitting our exams, we gather feedback after each exam series. If you're a teacher, and your students have taken any of our exams in the May/June 2023 series we want to know what you liked or didn't like in this year's exam papers. We'll share your feedback with our senior examiners and across teams to ensure we continue to make improvements to our papers where appropriate so we can make sure your students have the best exam experience.
Please complete our surveys and have your say. Thank you.

May/June 2023 post-exam series surveys 

Start the year network events in September

In September I will be running network events for GCSE Drama and A Level Drama and Theatre teachers.

.In these events, we will:

  • Reflect on the Summer exam series for external and internal components and units
  • Look at the key events and up to date information for this new academic year
  • Share ideas, resources and approaches to teaching the components
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and network
A Level Drama and Theatre

12 September 2023


 Event available for booking from 14 July
GCSE Drama

19 September 2023


 Event available for booking from 14 July


Component 2 announcement for 2023-24 

We have some news we’d like to share with you for assessments taking place in the 2023/24 academic year. 

Last month, we conducted a survey of centres with our plan to extend the window for Component 2 assessment. Thank you to everyone who participated; there were over 450 responses.  

We have made some decisions based on the number of centres who wanted a January assessment.  

Component 2 assessment window:
Examiners will be allocated to centres in December 2023 – these allocations will be based on the 2022-23 academic year exam entries and estimated entries.
If you are a centre that didn’t have any exam entries for Component 2 in 2022-23, please speak to your exams office about making estimated entries from November. 
The Component 2 window will now start on 8th January 2024 and run through to 19th April 2024. 

However, any centre wishing to complete Component 2 between 8th Jan and 31st Jan will have the work assessed via recording; no visits will take place between these dates. They must make exam entries by 31st Jan.  

All centres (UK and international) will have option to select a visit or recording if assessment is taking place between 31st Jan and 19th April. 
Any centre completing assessment via recording will no longer need to submit materials to the examiner 7 working days prior to the performance.
All materials can be submitted to the examiner seven working days after the assessment has taken place (31st Jan – 19th April) 

More information will be included in the new Administrative Support Guides, which will be released at the start of September.

Component 3 live theatre evaluations in 2023-24

From September, the following rules for live theatre evaluations will be in place for Component 3 assessments taking place in summer 2024:

 It will be a requirement that students experience and refer to a live theatre production in Component 3. If there is a reason why a student is unable to access live theatre, please contact

.We have removed the live theatre statement from the online text submission form. We now ask you to submit a statement using the link in the new Admin Support Guide (which will be available from the start of September). This statement will need to be submitted between 1 May and 15 May.

Summer 2024 Component 3 timetables

Here are the dates of the GCSE and A Level Component 3 exams:

GCSE Drama 

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice

Thursday 9th May 2024 pm

A Level Drama and Theatre

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice

Thursday 6 June 2024 am

Exam results 2023: 10 things to know about GCSE, AS and A level grades

Ofqual have released a blog that provides some clarity on grading and results for this summer.

Ofqual grading 2023 blog

Support and contact

Please feel free to get in touch, if you require any help or support in your delivery.



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