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January 2024 BTEC Performing Arts update

8 January 2024

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to this January 2024 update and a Happy New Year!

I hope that the start of term goes well.

If you ever need to get in touch, please use my details below.

Here is your January 2024 update with all the latest news on our BTEC Performing Arts qualifications.

In this update you will find information on:

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Key Dates

Here are the key dates you will need for the spring and summer terms for internal and external units and components, for the following courses:

  • Tech Award in Performing Arts
  • BTEC Firsts in Performing Arts
  • BTEC Nationals in Performing Arts 
Date Event
8 January Unit 3 task released (Nationals)
8-19 January Unit 7 task completion (Nationals)
10 January Unit 1 task completion (Nationals)
12 January Unit 1 Submission date (Nationals)
15 January Component 3 task released (Tech Award)
22 January Unit 7 Submission date (Nationals)
21 February Entry deadline for component 3 entries for the May/June series (Tech Award)
11 March Unit 5 task released (Nationals)
13 March Unit 7 task released (Nationals)
18 March Unit 1 task released (Nationals)
21 March Results Day for Tech Award January 24 components (Tech Award)
1 May Unit 1 task completion (Nationals)
1 - 8 May Unit 5 task completion (Nationals)
1 - 15 May Unit 7 task completion (Nationals)
8 May Unit 3 task submission (Nationals)
15 May Deadline for submitting the first sample to the Standards Verifier (Firsts and Nationals)
17 May Unit 7 task submission (Nationals) 
5 July Claiming deadline to make a full award claim, inputting all internal grades, for learners expecting a result following the release of May/June 2024 external examination results
15 August Level 3 Results Day: release of Level 3 results to learners. 
22 August Level 2 Results Day: release of Level 2 results to learners.

Component 3 task released on 15th Jan

The new Component 3 task for the Tech Award will be available on 15th January 2024.

Your exams office will be able to access this task and share it with you here:

Secure Tests 

Component 3 Admin Support Guide and templates

The new Component 3 Administrative Support Guide, plus the templates for the three written activities, are now available for you to download:

New Tech Award Training support page

We've created a new training support page, where you can access past training event recordings and bitesize videos to support the delivery of BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts 2022, including:

  • Getting Started 
  • Marking and Moderation
  • Preparing for Component 3 external assessment
  • How moderation works
  • Component 2 requirements

Training support

Level 1 Performing Arts available until 2027

We are pleased to announce that the Level 1 Introductory qualifications in Performing Arts are available until 2027.

These courses are 100% internally assessed and fully funded. 

If you need any information on them, please get in touch using my contact details below

Level 1 Introductory Performing Arts 

Updated Assessment Record Template (to include AI)

There is an updated version of the Assessment Record template for BTEC Entry – Level 3, these can be accessed on the BTEC forms and guides webpage.

This template now includes an updated authenticity declaration to include acknowledgement of any use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. This form is provided for immediate use.

AI declaration

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If you design and use your own Assessment Record, please ensure this is updated to replicate the authenticity statement in our template/s.

 BTEC Nationals Exemplar Work

We have some examples of top, middle and low marked work for Unit 3: Group Performance Workshop and Unit 5: Individual Performance Commission to help  you with preparing your students for the tasks this academic year.

Support and contact

Please feel free to get in touch, if you require any help or support in the teaching and assessment of our performing arts courses.
You can access contact details from the contact card below.


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