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June 2022 Design and Technology update

Contextual challenges for GCSE Design and Technology for summer 2023 assessment

Contextual challenges for GCSE Design and Technology, non examined assessment for summer 2023 submissions has been released on 1 June 2022 and can be accessed from the teaching and learning materials section of the qualification page.

Access the contextual challenges and a support presentation here

Arrangements for Summer 2023 assessment

In 2021 and 2022, Ofqual made a range of adjustments to the arrangements for NEA and fieldwork and practical science requirements in some GCSE, AS and A level subjects to respond to public health measures. Given that they are no longer in force, for the 2023 cohort Ofqual confirms that, as planned, the usual arrangements for NEA, fieldwork and practical science are now in place.

Read more here

Summer 2023 assessment criteria, updated Candidate Assessment Booklet and Authentication sheet

In summer 2023, Non-examined assessment (NEA) will be assessed in it`s entirety, without any adaptations. Accordingly, we have updated our Assessment Criteria, Candidate Assessment Booklets and the Authentication Sheet to reflect the full assessment criteria of the non-examined assessment for GCSE and A level D&T.

Read more and access updated documents here

Moderation samples in summer 2023

As you are aware, NEA moderation samples in summer 2022 have been submitted digitally, through Learner Work Transfer. In summer 2023 and beyond, samples will carry on to be submitted digitally, using the LWT platform. There will be no physical/postal moderation. Therefore, we advise that, students take a digital approach in creating their NEA portfolios for summer 2023. To do this;

  • Use a suitable presentation software (Power Point / Google slides) to start creating the portfolios digitally. This will also help learners access their portfolios from home, as they can work on these remotely. 
  • Digitalise work that has been produced by hand, such as sketches/models, and incorporate them in students` digital portfolios on-the-go, by taking photos or scanning.

There is more information and useful guidance in the guidance document below. 

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Results days in Summer 2022

Qualification Results to centres Results to students
A level D&T 17 August 2022 18 August 2022
GCSE D&T 24 August 2022 25 August 2022

From results days, the post-results services will be available. Through the post-results services, you will be able to access services such as;

  • Review of marking and moderation (RoMM) and,
  • Access to Scripts (ATS)

Find out more about post results

Access the key dates for post-results services

DE&I survey reminder for Design and Technology

We have a short survey to get your views on DE&I in Design and Technology education. We want to hear your thoughts on the topic of "named designers" in the content of our GCSE qualification (our A Level qualification content does not name specific designers). We would also like to know a little bit about your teaching in relation to representation, inclusion, and barriers within the design industry, such as gender bias in the design process or design that excludes some types of users, and how we can support you as teachers to tackle the teaching of these challenges in the classroom. In our short survey, please tell us your views by choosing an option, or adding your own.

Access the survey here

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