February 2022 Design and Technology update | Pearson qualifications

February 2022 Design and Technology update

Presentation and recording of the support session on summer 2022 arrangements

The presentation and recording of the support session, delivered on 18 January 2022 can be accessed from link below.

GCSE and A level D&T summer 2022 support session slides and recording

Information and link to the Advance Information(AI)

summer 2022 AI available

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Advance information is intended to communicate, ahead of the examinations, the focus of the content of the exams or part of the exams that will be assessed in the examination papers. As stated by DfE, the purpose of advance information is to support revision.

Advance Information is now available and can be accessed from the link below:

Advance information for GCSE and A level D&T

How can I support students with the Advance Information?

You can use the advance information to focus revision on the topics that are communicated. To do this, you can;

  • Use specification content and supporting resources such as student textbooks to revise topics.
  • Utilise past papers and questions to practice exam style questions by Pearson.
  • Use examiner reports to identify best practice in answering questions.
  • Use examWizard to create focused tests and papers.
  • Use topic tests from summer 2021 arrangements

Learners should also revise the rest of the content, as topics not included on the list may still be assessed in low tariff, multiple choice, or synoptic questions. Advance information will not be provided for questions assessing the use of mathematical skills.

Information and guidance on non-examined assessment (NEA) submissions in summer 2022

Deadline to submit NEA sample and marks to Pearson is 15 May. By this date, marks should be submitted on edexcel online and samples received through the Learner Work Transfer Portal.

There is guidance on submitting marks on edexcel online, preparing digital portfolios and instructions to use the learner work transfer portal in the below links. Please familiarise yourself with these for summer 2022 submissions.

What are the sample sizes? 

Cohort size Sample size
Up to 10 candidates All candidates
11-99 candidates 10 + highest and lowest if not in the sample selected
100-199 candidates 15 + highest and lowest if not in the sample selected
200 or more 20 + highest and lowest if not in the sample selected

When and where can I access the sample?

Samples will be available on edexcel online mid-April. You will be able to see these in the coursework mark submission window. See guidance in the link below. 

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What do I need to submit?

For each learner sampled you must submit:

  • Complete portfolio with pictures of final proof of concept or prototype.
  • Completed Candidate assessment booklets
  • Signed and dated candidate authentication form
  • Any additional files, such as recording of testing, a simulation recording...

CAD files must not be submitted.

Where can I access the CAB and CAS?

You can access CABs and CASs from the GCSE and A level D&T course materials. The zip files online include the CAB, CAS and adapted assessment criteria for summer 2022 use. Links below.

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Where can I access NEA adaptations for summer 2022?

All materials, including exemplars can be accessed from the teaching and learning materials sections of the qualification pages. See links below.

Summer 2022 entry deadlines, exam dates and results days

Please see the update in the link below, which includes all dates for this summer. 

Summer 2022 Key dates for Design and Technology


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