February 2021 Design and Technology update | Pearson qualifications

February 2021 Design and Technology update

8 February 2021

This update is to highlight important information in relation to both GCSE and A level Design and Technology, including, the Ofqual consultation, entries deadline, advice on non-examined assessment and more.

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Ofqual consultation

The Ofqual consultation about the arrangements for Summer 2021 closed on Friday 29 January. We won’t have all the information and detail until the results of the Ofqual consultation are released, which we expect from the 22nd February onwards.

As soon as information becomes available over the coming weeks and months, we will update you with the details and provide guidance accordingly. 

Access the consultation here 

Entry deadline

While the final arrangements for assessment of GCSE, AS and A levels in Summer 2021 are continuing to evolve, Awarding Organisations will be providing training, assessment materials and quality assurance processes to support you in making your teacher assessment decisions.

Entry deadline is rapidly approaching, and it is important that you make your entries as usual by 21 February, to ensure that students receive their qualification grade this summer. Schools and colleges must make entries to the relevant Awarding Organisation for the specification that your students have studied.  

For centres outside the UK, the deadline is 21 March.

Advice on non-examined assessment (NEA)

The Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ) has released an update on their website about the latest position regarding non-examined assessment.

Access the JCQ update

In the consultation on the alternative assessment arrangements for summer 2021, Ofqual have confirmed that students should be given the opportunity to continue to complete work on their non-exam assessments (NEA) while the consultation is ongoing.

This is so that student performance on the NEA can contribute to the evidence teachers use to recommend the grade the student will receive in summer 2021.

How should I progress with the NEA remotely?

We have previously made adaptations to the NEA for 2020-2021 academic year in September 2020, which reduced the requirement of making a high-quality, fully functioning prototype, to mitigate against the distruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Accordingly, we have made the following adaptations in September 2020:

  • Replacing the prototype with a proof of concept model, which can be made from simple materials, such as card/paper and can include virtual modelling too, where appropriate. 
  • Demonstration of use of tools, equipment and processes with written, photographic or video evidence is acceptable.
  • Removed the quality and accuracy marking grid.

You can access guidance, FAQs, exemplars, and CABs and assessment critera, from the links below. 

It is important that students are reminded that the work must be their own, with assistance acknowledged. It is also important that teachers can authenticate work completed for NEA, so regular checks, through question & answers sessions and online video conferencing, for example, will be required for written or practical work.

Please follow own risk assessment and safeguarding policies when allowing candidates to complete NEA remotely. Candidates must only complete NEA remotely when it is safe and possible for them to do so.

GCSE D&T on examWizard

We are pleased to tell you that GCSE D&T can now be accessed on examWizard. 

  • Saves time by creating your own mock paper exams, topic tests, homework or revision activities.
  • Uses our Pearson back catalogue of exam questions to practice and develop these skills with your learners'.
  • Gain access to past papers and test questions to create tailored learners plans, which target individuals weaknesses.
  • Works in conjunction with ResultsPlus to help create exam practice resources for whole cohorts or individual learners.

Access examWizard here


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