BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise: delivery support

Wed Oct 26 15:55:00 UTC 2022

This page will help you to plan your delivery of our Level 1/2 BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise

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You may also be interested in a sister page which tries to support your understanding of the assessment of the qualification.



UK schools who have offered any Pearson Edexcel GCSEs in the last three academic years will be automatically approved to deliver BTEC Tech Awards 2022 across all subject areas, therefore no further action is required. You will be able to make registrations for any new BTEC Tech Award qualification from 1 September 2022.

UK schools that offer BTEC Tech Awards or BTEC Firsts, but not Pearson Edexcel GCSEs, or offer them alongside GCSEs with another awarding organisation, will need to fill out a fast-track approval form. This will take up to 5 working days to process, dependant on internal checks.

Other UK providers that wish to offer theses qualifications will need to submit a full application, including a JCQ Centre Approval application if not already JCQ inspected (CCEA Centre Approval in Northern Ireland, WJEC Centre Approval in Wales).  

Registrations for all new BTEC Tech Award qualifications will be available to centres meeting the above approval criteria from 1 September 2022.

The registration code for the Tech Award (2022) in Enterprise is REN3.

The qualification number is 603/7063/4

The registration deadline is 1 November.

BTEC Tech Awards learners who will be completing in 2024 or later must be registered on the new BTEC Tech Awards (2022), as the legacy BTEC Tech Awards (2017) will no longer be available after summer 2023.

The Tech Awards from 2022 require entries to be made for internally assessed components as they are set and moderated by Pearson each assessment series.

The entry options listed below are for internally assessed and moderated components only, as there are no external assessments available within the 2022/23 academic year.

Component Title Unit code
Component 1 Exploring Enterprises BEN01
Component 2 Planning and Presenting a Micro-Enterprise Idea BEN02


The 2022 Tech Awards FAQ page includes information on the transition from the 2017 to the 2022 specification.

Go to the FAQ page


The qualification page includes the key documents you will need.

Delivery support

This event introduces the new qualification in detail and discusses all the key information about changes from the current Tech Award.


The pdf below takes you through a possible approach to Component 1 and is accompanied by a conversation with Charlotte Bunn, our Principal Moderator.

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These templates can be used in the teaching of Component 3 to familiarise learners with the way in which financial templates and statements will apeear in the exam

The terminal requirement is that internal assessed components (Components 1 and 2) must be sat either prior to or in the same series as the external assessment. So Component 3 has to be the last thing a learner does.

So, although a resit opportunity exists for Component 3, it is no longer necessarily the better of the two marks which counts - it is the last one which counts.

This flow chart helps to explain different scenarios:

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We have a BTEC Facebook group where you can share ideas and post questions. The group has over 3000 members.

As well as the Facebook group there is a subject community where you will be able to see all posts without logging in, although you will need to log in with your Edexcel Online details to post a comment.

Free resources

Free digital copy of Pearson Student Book Component 1

You can download a draft version of Component 1 of the Student Book as a free sample pdf file.

Download Component 1

Self reflection in business  (Component 1 Topic A4)

This lesson pack provides a framework and toolkit for students to recognise skills they already have in Business and how to identify and develop skills for the future.

Creating a Side Hustle & Being an Early Entrepreneur (Component 1 Topic A1, Component 2 Topic A1)

This lesson pack investigates modern avenues and approaches into business and how entrepreneurs have captured new markers and built dynamic offers from the ground up.

Finding your USP (Component 2 Topic A1)

This lesson pack invites students to look at how an individual’s experiences and background can form the basis of unique and innovative businesses.

Paid-for resources from Pearson

Written by an expert author team of BTEC teachers and professionals, this Student Book includes:

  • Full coverage of all three components, structured and updated to match the 2022 specification
  • Content broken down into one-hour lessons to help with your planning and delivery
  • Plenty of case studies and examples that students can relate to
  • Additional features including key terms, 'did you know' sections and plenty of assessment practice.

It is also possible to take an institutional subscription to an eBook (a digital version of the Student Book.

The Institutional ActiveBook subscription gives you access to licences that can be shared with your learners.

The subscription has to be renewed every year.

With this subscription you'll have a front-of-class version of the Student Book, hosted on Pearson's ActiveLearn Digital Service, with the following features:

  • Videos and interviews with professionals from the sector
  • Editable activity worksheets, including support for lower level and 'stretch and challenge' for more able students
  • Lesson starts in the form of PowerPoint presentations
  • Assessment worksheets to help students build their skills for assessment.
  • You purchase your Teacher Pack as a one-year or three-year subscription.

Pearson REVISE BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Revision Guide (2022)

This book will help you to:

  • Revise all the essential content and key skills
  • Organise your revision with the one-topic-per-page format
  • Speed up your revision with the helpful hints on how to tackle questions and tasks
  • Track your revision progress with at-a-glance check boxes
  • Check your understanding with annotated example responses
  • Practise with revision questions and answers.

Pearson REVISE BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Practice Assessments Plus (2022)

This book contains four full-length practice assessments, helping you to:

  • Prepare by familiarising yourself with the structure and process for completing your assessment
  • Practise by writing responses straight into the book
  • Perfect your external assessment skills, with targeted hints, guidance and support for every question, along with answers.

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