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A level Art and Design update

1 June 2015

As we move towards the end of the teaching year, this update covers final exhibitions, moderation of the ESA, and the new 2015 A level.

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We're now moving into the final phase of the teaching year where art and design work is being prepared and put up into lovely shows for family and friends to share.

Some of your students will be moving on to further and higher Education, and it is a very emotional time for everyone. If you're having a final show or exhibition of your work and want to share some images, please email me at the address below. 

Edexcel AS and A level Art and Design 2015 specification and SAMs

You can download our specification and sample assessment materials for the Edexcel AS and A level Art and Design 2015 qualification from the A level Art and Design 2015 page.

We've listened to feedback from all parts of the art education community and used this opportunity of curriculum change to design a qualification that supports a wide range of student interests, learning styles and aspirations for progression.

Moderation of A level Art and Design Units 2 and Unit 4 Externally Set Assignment

Moderators have now been allocated for all art and design centres that have made examination entries this year for Unit 2 and/or Unit 4. If you haven't heard from a moderator yet, please check that you have made exam entries for the externally set unit if you have delivered it this year (May/June 2015). It might be a good idea to contact your exams officer to ensure that they have correct contact details for you, especially if you have had any changes to the team during the year.

For more information on the examination and moderation process, please refer to the Centre Guide.

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