June 2023 Teaching Science update

9 June 2023

Welcome to the June Teaching Science update for UK and International Science qualifications at KS4 and KS5. In this update you will find information about upcoming training events, links to information to support students over the exam period, and documents that you may still need for the remainder of the exam series.

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The items covered in this update are as follows:

  • GCSE Science Network: Embedding a Science Mastery Curriculum into Your School ​with Nicky Crum from Star Academies​
  • GCSE Science 'New to Edexcel training'
  • Training events on 'Supporting transition to A level' 
  • International Science qualification training
  • Pearson 'View from the lab' podcast 'Bringing physics to life with YouTuber and author Kathy Joseph'
  • Summer exam materials availability
  • Free teacher access to Pearson Revise Online 
  • Exam wellbeing support 
  • Exam guides for students, parents and carers
  • Ofqual Student Guide 2023
  • JCQ social media guide for students
  • Exam timetables
  • Equation sheets for GCSE Physics, Combined Science and International GCSE Sciences for Summer exams
  • A level Biology A Pre-release Scientific Article
  • A Level and AS Chemistry Data Booklets
  • A level & AS Physics List of Data, Formulae and Relationships Booklets
  • IAL Chemistry Data Booklet
  • JCQ Calculator Guidance
  • BTEC News
  • BTEC Vocational Qualification Bulletins

GCSE Science Network: Embedding a Science Mastery Curriculum into Your School ​with Nicky Crum from Star Academies​

21 June 2023 | 16:00 - 17:30 GMT | Online | Event Code 23OSC10/01

In this year’s summer network, which is free to attend, we are talking mastery - what it is and how it can be implemented in your school.

Our presenter is Nicky Crum, an experienced science teacher and science lead for the Star Academy trust. In this session Nicky will be running through: 

  • what mastery is and why you should consider it
  • a description of how it can help students visualise their science journey
  • an explanation of how she has implemented it in her schools
  • challenges you might expect in your own departments
  •  how it could be used to explain the ‘intention’ of your curriculum. 

There will be time to discuss with other teachers any common problems you may be facing in your curriculums.

This event is open to all science teachers from any examination board. Places are limited, so please book early. Please note: a recording of the event will be available to attendees only.

Register your place 

GCSE Science 'New to Edexcel training'

06 July 2023 | 16:00 - 17:30 GMT | Online | Event code 1SC0-23O5/01

This live training event is for teachers who are moving to Pearson Edexcel or delivering the Pearson Edexcel specification for the first time. This has been designed to support you in getting ready to teach the GCSE (9–1) Science specifications.

Delegates will:

  • consider the structure and content of the Pearson Edexcel specification, using detailed mapping grids to keep the best from their current course and minimise change
  • look at CPD on maths and practical skills, including how to ensure your practical provision matches the Pearson Edexcel Core Practicals
  • look at detailed guidance on our question papers, mark schemes and exams analysis tools • find out more about the support available
  • have the opportunity to discuss best practice and share ideas.

Register your place 

GCSE Science 'Walking Talking Mock' recordings

The recordings of the ‘Walking Talking Mocks’ revision events held in April and May this year for GCSE students are now available to watch from the Science Emporium YouTube channel.

Go to the Science Emporium YouTube channel

Training on 'Supporting transition to A level'

Available in June are two events to give teachers delivering Pearson Edexcel A level and/or GCSE science qualifications an opportunity to learn and discuss effective teaching and learning strategies to help students bridge the gap between GCSE and A level Sciences.

Delegates will:

  • discuss the differences between GCSE and A level study, including level of difficulty, accessibility, learning styles and methods of assessment
  • be introduced to a range of activities to both enthuse and enable students who have just completed GCSE assessments to make and sustain the necessary step up to the level of understanding and methods of working
  • consider the role of independent learning in developing success at A level
  • discuss and look at ways to address some of the common pitfalls experienced by students in taking this challenging step.

Please note: As this session may be repeated, and to ensure recorded content is not accessed by undisclosed third parties, it is Pearson’s policy not to share recordings for paid training events.

Dates for the events are as follows:

Biology - 22 June  register for the event

Chemistry - 26 June  register for the event

All events will take place 4-6pm.

International GCSE Science and IAL Science qualification training

It is possible to view and register for some of the Autumn term training events for IAL and International GCSE Science on our Professional Development Academy page.

Please note, sometimes dates/times of events may need to change, and new events may be added. We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the Professional Development Academy pages for the most up-to-date information.

Pearson 'View from the lab' podcast 'Bringing physics to life with youtuber and author Kathy Joseph'

Kathy Joseph is an author, educator and YouTube maverick who has a special interest in the history of science especially physics. In this episode Andy Woods talks to Kathy about her love of science and what inspired her to study it further at college before eventually becoming a high school physics teacher. Kathy has now had a change of direction by becoming an inspirational science communicator who focuses on the history of science with her YouTube channel ‘Kathy loves physics’ and her recent book the ‘lightning tamers’ a history of the changing understanding around electricity. We have a wide-ranging chat exploring the wonders of physics as well as Kathy’s thoughts on her recent ADHD diagnosis.

Summer exam materials availability

Details of the release schedule for the Summer 2023 assessment materials (question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports) on the Pearson qualifications website can be found in our knowledge article below.

View summer assessment material release dates

 Free teacher access to Pearson Revise Online 

You may be interested to know that teachers can now request free access to the Pearson Revise Online platform to explore new online revision guides for Pearson Edexcel GCSE subjects. You can find out more from the Pearson publishing site.

Exam wellbeing support 

Every student’s experience of exams is different, and we understand that preparing for and sitting exams can be overwhelming. If you haven’t seen it already, our Exam Wellbeing Hub is available to support students and their families through every step of the exam journey – from revision and exam day through to results day. Alongside guidance and top tips, there are also details of charities and organisations that can help with mental health and wellbeing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Explore our Exam Wellbeing Hub  

Plus, our Wellbeing Zone is also available all year round to support teachers, students and family with mental health and wellbeing.  

Exam guides for students, parents and carers

Handy guides and links to places that students can turn to for information and support before, during, and after the exam period. A link to the page that provides this information is provided below.

Ofqual Student Guide

Ofqual have published a Student Guide that provides information about this year's arrangements for qualifications regulated by Ofqual. It also explains what support is in place when taking exams and assessments and covers GCSEs, AS, A levels, other general qualifications, as well as vocational and technical qualifications. They have also published a condensed version of the student guide in HTML and PDF format.

JCQ social media guide for students

Social media is big part of everyday life and whilst many of us enjoy sharing experiences online, when it comes to exams, we all have to be very careful. The Joint Council for Qualifications has produced a guide for students on using social media during the exam season. There are some dos and don’ts that students should follow and a list of the actions that could be taken if these are not followed. 

View JCQ Social Media Guide

Exam timetables

Summer 2023 exam timetables can be viewed on the link below. The timetables seek to maintain some of the space between the first and last exams in the same subject and reduces the chance of students missing all exams in a subject due to circumstances such as illness.

Equation sheets for GCSE Physics, Combined Science and International GCSE Sciences for summer 2023

Equation sheets for GCSE Physics and GCSE Combined Science (the physics components) that are being provided as inserts in this summer's exams can be viewed and downloaded from our summer 2023 page.

A level Biology A Pre-release Scientific Article

The Pearson Edexcel A Level Biology A 9BN0 (SNAB) Paper 3 scientific article for the summer 2023 exam series is available for secure download from the qualification page from the 'Course Materials' section.

The article can be given to students so they can study and annotate it over the coming weeks in preparation for the Paper 3 examination paper 9BN0/03. Students are not allowed to take their annotated copy into the examination room - there will be a fresh copy inside examination paper. In the unlikely event the fresh copies are missing, then please download it from the qualification page.

Only 'clean' unmarked copies of the booklets can be used in examinations. If replacements are required, they can be downloaded from the qualification page or ordered order via the stationery website.

N.b. minor revisions to the booklets were made this year to ensure that they were the same as the lists that are also provided at the back of the question papers as mentioned in this update

A Level and AS Chemistry Data Booklets

The A level and AS Chemistry Data Booklets can be viewed and downloaded from the qualification page (see the link provided below). Students may have a copy of the relevant Data Booklet for their personal use in lessons/homework to allow them to become familiar with it. In examinations, however, students must use an unmarked 'clean' copy of the Data Booklet. If additional copies are required, they can be printed from the website, or ordered from our stationery website.

A level & AS Physics List of Data, Formulae and Relationships Booklets

The List of Data, Formulae and Relationships Booklets for A level and AS Physics, that can be provided to students in examinations, are available on the qualification page in the 'Specification and Sample Assessments' section. 

IAL Chemistry Data Booklet

The IAL Chemistry Data Booklet for use with units 2, 4 and 5 examinations can be viewed and downloaded from the qualification page - see the link provided below.

Students may have a copy of this data booklet for their personal use in lessons/homework to allow them to become familiar with it. In examinations, however, students must use an unmarked copy of the data booklet.

Centres will be sent copies of the data booklet first time entries are made and can get additional 'clean' quantities by printing the data booklet from the website or by ordering them from our additional stationery requests site.

JCQ calculator guidance

Pearson does not provide a list of permitted calculators to use in science exams. Teachers can, however, refer to the JCQ instructions for Conducting Examinations document which provides calculator guidance on page 21.

BTEC Science news

You can view the latest BTEC Teaching Science update on the link below which contains infomation on June Post-16 Level 3 BTEC reform networks and other items.

Read the June BTEC Science update

BTEC Vocational Qualification Bulletins

We send out regular Vocational Qualification Bulletins to keep centres informed of our support and services. You can sign-up for these and also read previous bulletins on our website.

Sign up to receive regular vocational qualification bulletins 

Read previous vocational qualification bulletins on our website

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