January 2023 Teaching Science update | Pearson qualifications

January 2023 Teaching Science update

20 January 2023

Welcome to the January 2023 Teaching Science news update covering both UK and International Science qualifications at KS4 and KS5.

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This updates highlights information on the following:

  • Equation sheets for GCSE Physics, Combined Science and International GCSE Sciences for 2023 assessments
  • AS and A level Physics - Lists of data, formulae and relationships
  • A level Spring training opportunities
  • International Science qualification training
  • IAL Science: Our commitment to continuous improvement of assessment accessibility
  • New ELC Science video
  • Science Emporium – Results Plus toolkit
  • The Mocks Service
  • Summer 2023 entry deadline
  • Final May/June 2023 timetables
  • Ordering modified papers
  • School sustainability research
  • BTEC sustainability guide
  • Training for RQF Higher Nationals in Applied Sciences
  • The future of BTEC Level 3 qualifications
  • View from the Lab podcast

Equation sheets for GCSE Physics, Combined Science and International GCSE Sciences for 2023 assessments

On 30 November Ofqual published outcomes of their consultation on equation sheets where it was confirmed that students will have access to a revised equation sheet for GCSE Physics and GCSE Combined Science (the physics components) for the summer 2023 exam series. The same approach is being provided for International GCSE Physics exams. Please see latest updates below where you will be able to find links to download the equation sheets.

AS and A level Physics - Lists of data, formulae and relationships

We have revised the 'Lists of data, formulae and relationships' booklets for A level and AS Physics to ensure that they follow the format used in exam papers and to make sure there are no discrepancies between the two lists. Please see web update about this on the link below.

A level spring training opportunities

We are offering training in March for A level Sciences on understanding our exams. Delegates will:

  • look at how our question papers are designed to test the specification content
  • understand how and why markers are standardised to mark exam papers
  • see some examples of mark schemes applied to recent exam questions
  • consider some strategies to improve how students respond to exam questions
  • address common issues and FAQs
Subject Date of training
A level Biology A 8 March
A level Biology B 6 March
A level Chemistry 23 March
A level Physics 6 March

International Science qualification training

Serveral training opportunities are available this Spring for International GCSEs and IALs in Science - please take a look at the news update below where these have been summarised.

IAL Science: Our commitment to continuous improvement of assessment accessibility

Towards the end of 2022 we wrote to centres about our commitment for continuous improvement of assessment accessibility in IAL sciences. Please see the news item below where you can read the update in case you did not receive it.

New ELC Science video

If you are interested in our ELC Science qualifications and would like a quick summary of the qualification then we have produced a short video you can listen to.

Science Emporium – Results Plus toolkit 

Just a reminder that in the autumn term we launched the Science Emporium where you can get access to the free qualification supporting resources for both UK and International Science qualifications. 

Recently we have added a Result Plus Toolkit containing useful links for the Results Plus service including guides, video walk throughs, mock analysis, MAT group analysis and much more.  

To gain membership to the Science Emporium you will need an Edexcel Online Account. Once you have this you can then register with the Emporium with your EOL email address. If you don't have an EOL account, your Exams Officer will be able to create one for you.   

The Mocks Service

The Mocks Service provides schools and colleges with Pearson Edexcel GCSE Science exam papers for use in mock examinations. The papers are sat by students, marked by Pearson examiners and the mock results are uploaded to ResultsPlus for item level analysis.

Papers are easy to purchase and can be sat at a time to suit both you and your students. 

The booking window for spring mocks is 07/10/2022 - 27/03/2023. Key dates for spring 2023 are listed in the document below.

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Summer 2023 entry deadline

It is now possible to make entries for the summer 2023 exam series. The deadline for making entries for the summer 2023 examination series is 21 February 2023 for AS, A level and GCSE. The deadline for international qualifications is 21 March 2023. After these dates late entry fees may be charged. Please note that your exams officer will have their own internal deadlines in order to get the information necessary to make entries. Entry code information is available on our website.

Final May/June 2023 timetables

Our May/June 2023 timetables have now been finalised and are available on our website.

The exam timetables for summer 2023 seek to maintain some of the space built into the exam timetable in 2022 between the first and last exams in the same subject. This spacing was well received by schools and colleges in 2022 and reduces the chance of students missing all exams in a subject due to circumstances such as illness.

Ordering modified papers

The summer 2023 exam series is now live for centres to order modified papers via Access Arrangements Online (AAO) and Pearson Access Arrangements Online (PAAO). This means centres can now place orders for any modified papers your candidates may require for the summer 2023 exam series.

The deadline for ordering all modified papers for the summer 2023 series is 31 January 2023. Please ensure you place any orders for summer 2023 modified papers by the deadline to avoid the risk of us being unable to fulfil your request for modified papers. You can place your order as soon as you are aware that a modified paper is required.

School sustainability research

Pearson’s School Report on 'Schools Today, Schools Tomorrow' highlights the growth in awareness and concern around issues such as climate change and sustainability in schools and amongst young people. Pearson is looking at how to support schools in integrating these global issues into their curriculum.

We are looking for school leaders, curriculum decision makers and teachers who are willing to take part in a phone interview lasting approximately 45 minutes. You will be sent a short brief in advance of an interview.

If you would like to take part in this research and share your views, please get in touch via the short form below.

BTEC sustainability guide

As part of our commitment to our Sustainable Business Strategy, we have launched 'Embedding Sustainability: A Support Guide for BTEC Nationals'. The guide will support the delivery of BTEC National qualification and will help schools and colleges to meet their own sustainability targets.

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Training for RQF Higher Nationals in Applied Sciences

We have training opportunities for RQF Higher Nationals in Applied Sciences. Please see the update below where events coming up this Spring have been listed.

The future of BTEC Level 3 qualifications

We are taking the time to review the government's guidance published on 10 January 2023 in full, and  will be writing to our customers shortly with what this announcement means for them and their learners. Our L3 update can be found on the link below,

View from the Lab podcast

Our latest 'View from the Lab podcast’ is now available titled 'From science teacher to head teacher with Dr Mike Milner'

In this episode Andy Woods talks to Dr Mike Milner to discuss his journey from science teacher to head teacher at schools in both the independent and state sectors. We hear about his experience of working in Wellington College when the irrepressible educationalist Sir Anthony Seldon was at the helm and inspired him to go into school leadership himself. In addition, we discover how Mike became the vice principal of the state school - Wellington Academy and find out how he led it from a ‘requires improvement’ Ofsted rating in 2014 to a ‘good’ rating in 2016, before moving back to the independent sector at Reddam House School in Berkshire.

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