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Update on Level 3 BTEC Results in England for Summer 2023

13 July 2023

Our absolute priority is BTEC learners and to deliver overall qualification grades to those expecting them on August 17.

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5 July was Pearson’s final deadline for colleges and schools to submit a claim for the learners they had told us were expecting to receive a result in August, and to provide us with the marks for learner coursework assessed by their teachers and tutors, which accounts for around 60% of the final grade. We need this information to complete eligibility checks and award BTEC qualification grades in August.

Thousands of schools and colleges have provided us with the information we needed by our published deadline, and we are grateful for their partnership and hard work to reach this milestone.

To date, 81 schools and colleges, who offer Level 3 BTEC qualifications in England, have not yet provided us with the information we need to complete eligibility checks and award qualification grades for some of their learners. This means that 2881 BTEC Level 3 registrations at these schools and colleges are currently ineligible and therefore not on track to receive an overall qualification grade in August.

We are highlighting this now, well ahead of results day, as there is still time to resolve the situation.

We want to reassure students, parents and carers that, even though our July 5 deadline has passed, we will do everything we can to support these schools and colleges to obtain the information we need and award eligible learners with results in August. This includes appointing a dedicated member of staff to continue to work with each school or college and sending them expert teams to support them on-site where needed.

We are working hard and will continue to do so over the next few weeks to ensure we provide results for as many of these students as we can on August 17, so we expect the number of ineligible results to continue to fall up to this date.

We have also taken the difficult decision to refer these 81 schools and colleges to our regulatory team for potential maladministration. This action is in line with guidance from our regulator, Ofqual. 

If you are a learner

  • If you are a student looking for an update on your situation, please contact your school or college in the first instance, as they have this information.
  • For students looking for further advice or support, please contact us on 0345 618 0440 (from 9.00am - 5:00pm), DM us via @PearsonBTECAppr on social media, or via our online portal for further support.

If you are a school or college

  • Please call us on 0344 463 2535 and we will work with you to resolve any queries as fast as we can. We are in direct contact already with all schools and colleges with currently ineligible results.
  • All BTECs are modular qualifications, offering schools, colleges and students flexibility. See more in this guide on the awarding process.

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