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T Levels January 2023 Update

9 January 2023

Welcome to January's T Level E-Bulletin. We send bulletins monthly to all those who have signed up, however, we are aware some tutors and staff have not yet done so, could you please encourage all those engaged in the delivery and administration of T Levels to sign up here:

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You can still make student registrations onto the Technical Qualification for cohorts that commenced in September. We are now in the very late registration period. 

A support video on how to make registrations and manage student details can be found on the Training and Admin Support page. 

The entry window for Core Component Assessments for the Summer 2023 Series is now open.

Please remember, you must make an entry for every student wishing to enter the assessment. 

Providers wishing to make entries for re-sits please ensure you are familiar with the re-sit rules. These can be found in the TQ Specification, or use our support video on ‘assessment, results and re-sits' on our Training and Admin Support page.

Entries for the Occupational Specialism Assessment for the Summer 2023 Series are still open. You must make an entry for every student wishing to enter the assessment. 

We are now in the late entry period. Please refer to the Key Dates Schedule for all entry dates.  

For Providers commencing delivery in September 2023 the approval window will open in February 2023. You must gain approval for each Technical Qualification you wish to deliver. 

Please watch our Provider Approval video before starting your application process. 

Support documents and approval forms can be found in the Training and Admin Support page.

 This includes.

  • A Guide to Provider Approval

  • Guidance Document Pearson Vocational Provider Approval Application for T Level Technical Qualifications

  • Pearson T Level Technical Qualification Delivery Approval Application Form

  • Pearson Vocational Provider Approval Application for T Level Technical Qualifications

If you have any questions about Provider Approval, please contact us via the service portal.

Our 31 Days of T Levels Festival has commenced. Throughout the whole of this month we are sharing our Top Tips for T Levels, providing you with all the support you need to successfully plan and teach your programmes. 

You'll find a summary of our latest top tips and events taking place during January on our T Levels Welcome page

Future events include:  

  • 11th January: Cross T Level event – Exam Preparation
  • 16th January: Digital Annual Update Overview 
  • 18th January: Sharing work placement practice event
  • 23rd January: English and Maths in Pearson T Levels 
  • 24th January: Functional Skills and T Levels
  • 26th January: Assessing the Digital Occupational Specialism 
  • 27th January: Mobie/Pearson event on upskilling Digital technologies in the Construction T Level.
  • 30th January: EVP and PVP – How to get involved in T Levels 

You can book events via our T Level Live Training page.

We will keep you updated each day of January on the resources we will be sharing via email, LinkedIn and our website. 

Q&A Network: The next Construction network sessions are on 1 March 2023 at 13.00 and 26 April 2023 at 13.00 and can be booked via our T Level Live Training page.

Teaching Resources: Following feedback we are making improvements to our resources in the New Year, which will be particularly useful for those new to T Levels. These will include teaching resources to introduce each key topic in the Core, improved links to our case study materials, and new delivery planners. We have also re-organised the Core and OS Teaching and learning materials on our website to make them easier for you to navigate.

View Teaching and learning materials web page

You can also join the following groups to ask specific queries and get notified of updates:


Q&A Network: The next Digital network session is 26 January and included as part of the Occupational Specialism session. You can book onto it via our T Level Live Training page.

If you would like anything specific to be covered or have questions, then please ask in the Facebook Group or contact the Subject Advisor.

Cisco Systems will be holding an event for Providers to look at T Levels and how NetAcademy can support the delivery of Digital T Levels.  The event takes place on 19 January 2.00-5.00pm and is available either in person at Cisco Systems, Bedfont Lakes, London or online.  If you’d like to attend, you can book via Cisco Systems

Gatsby are looking for providers to form a focus group on macro curriculum planning for the Digital T Level.  You can find more details below as well as register your interest.

Find out more

BCS are offering a series of events at the end of February for Digital T Level Students and Staff.  Each event is co-hosted with an employer and you can register for the events below:

Register for events  

Q&A Network: The next Accounting and Finance network session is 25 January 2023 and can be booked via our T Level Live Training page.

We also have Getting Ready to Assess live training in January. 

As part of our delivery we collaborate with the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC). APPC create a ‘weekly roundup’ and host webinars you may find useful to support teaching and learning and keeping you up to date with financial compliance. Please visit the APPC website and contact them for more information.  

Please note there is a change to the offer SAGE are making to use their accounting business cloud software (preferable with employers). We will update the webpages as soon as the amendments are confirmed, but in the meantime this is no longer showing on our website. Be assured that if you are using SAGE software, this has no impact on the delivery or assessment of the TQ in the T Level.

The T Level Technical Qualification in Legal Services is currently with IfATE for approval. We will share draft specification and specimen assessment material to eligible Legal Services Providers early in 2023 .

Q&A Network: The next Legal Services network session is 18 January 4-5pm and can be booked via our T Level Live Training events page.  

During this session we will go through the submitted materials including the specification and specimen assessments.

On our Training and Admin Support page you’ll find everything you need in terms of training and events to support your T Level delivery, and videos and documents to assist in administrating the qualifications.

View Training and Admin Support page 

Our training includes: 

On-demand Getting to Know the Specification briefings, giving you a generic introduction, and overview of the Core Component, and an Overview of the Occupational Specialist Component. 

A direct link to our T Level Live Training page, where you can search for events and book including: 

  • Live Q&A Network Sessions with the Product Manager and Subject Advisor giving you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your experience delivering the T Level and share good practice with other Providers.

  • Live Getting Ready to Teach training where you’ll cover planning your programme, reviewing elements of the content and practical ways it can be delivered, and signposting to the ongoing support available. 

  • Live Getting Ready to Assess training where you’ll learn how the assessment will work. Our aim is for you to have a good understanding of the approach we have taken in the assessments. We will look at the ‘command verb’ and discuss what is meant and the type of response required, and how the response changes depending upon the mark attributed to the question. We will also refer to the mark scheme for you to understand where marks will and will not be attributed. 

Our Training Archive if you are unable to attend any of our live training sessions or want to listen again. 

Our administration section includes: 

Videos to support making registrations and entries, understanding resit rules, the Key Dates Schedule and the Provider Approval Process

Support documents including all the Provider Approval forms, quality assurance and monitoring, fees and key dates. 

Do not forget, if you need to contact us about T Levels you can do so by the Pearson Support Portal. The portal is an online tool you can use to raise your query and track its progress. We will inform you once a member of the team has a reply for you.

Go to the Pearson Support Portal

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