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Pearson Progress: User demo video

10 June 2022

We've just published a new video demonstrating Pearson Progress with all the bespoke features that have been designed to simplify the planning, assessment and quality assurance of Pearson BTEC qualifications.

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Ben Swift, Senior Digital Product Manager, and International Standards Verifier, Tom Howell, take us through each stage, from setting up user accounts, courses and assessments to marking learner work and monitoring grades and course completion. They also show us how learners can use Progress to easily check their assignments, upload work and access assessor feedback from any mobile device.

Introduction to Pearson Progress
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Centres in 20 countries have already attended one of our live webinars and started using Progress; with this recorded demo we hope that even more international BTEC centres will discover how Pearson Progress can save time and enhance the BTEC delivery and learning.

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