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Pearson Progress: preparing for Standards Verification

Mon Dec 06 10:00:00 UTC 2021

Pearson Progress is a new accessible and easy-to-use digital platform that has been designed to help teachers get closer to their learners by simplifying the planning and assessment of Pearson BTEC qualifications.

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During the allocation process, Pearson Standards Verifiers will be allocated to their centres in the Pearson Progress platform. Pearson will give them read-only access to the platform and once they have logged in, they will only be able to see their allocated centres for a specific time period to allow completion of the BTEC external Quality Assurance process. After this, their access will expire.

When the Pearson Standards Verifier contacts your centre to discuss sampling, they will ask whether you are using Pearson Progress. As a centre using Progress, your BTEC courses and assessments will already be set up in the platform, so the ISV will be able to review all the learner evidence and assessor feedback without you having to send it to them. 

All you have to do is make sure that:

  • learner registrations and details are up to date in Edexcel Online as soon as possible

  • assessment and internal verification documents are up to date in Progress when the Standards Verifier identifies the learners they wish to sample. 

At the end of the sampling process, the Standards Verifier will upload a copy of their report into the new Quality Assurance folder which can be accessed from the main menu on your Progress home page. If you are asked to provide additional supporting information, you can upload documents to this folder as well.

Please note that you should register learners, enter grades and make certificate claims on Edexcel Online as per the usual process.

Find out more about the current arrangements for assessment and sampling 

Alternatively please write to us via the Pearson Support portal

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