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Pearson Progress: the new end-to-end BTEC management system

8 December 2021

Pearson has responded to the growing requirement for digital programme management that the pandemic has brought about, and we are delighted to announce that Pearson Progress will be available for the BTEC International Level 2 and 3 and Higher National suites in 2022.

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Pearson Progress is a complementary assessment and workflow management system for BTEC that significantly reduces administration time. It simplifies all stages of the BTEC process, from course creative to completion, including internal and external Quality Assurance.

Registered BTEC centres wont be charged to use this platform, and all BTEC assessment and quality assurance in the future will be administered via Pearson Progress.

During 2021 over 40 international BTEC centres have helped us launch Progress in Asia, Europe and Middle East. Throughout 2022 we will be launching Progress to BTEC centres in other countries, so please speak to your Pearson representative if you would like to find out more.

For more information about Pearson Progress and how it can transform your BTEC experience

Read about how Progress is helping centres to streamline BTEC sampling in this month's International Vocational Qualification Bulletin


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