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GCSE (9-1) Mathematics and Statistics: December 2019 update

Mon Dec 16 09:43:00 UTC 2019

Here’s the latest news and support to help you and your team teach GCSE (9–1) Mathematics and Statistics with confidence. Plus, find out more about how we’re promoting the #PowerofMaths.

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Now online: Summer 2019 exam feedback discussions, exemplars and modified papers

There are now further materials available to help you analyse your Summer 2019 results and inform future teaching and learning.*

Exam feedback discussions

Missed our Summer 2019 exam feedback discussions or would like to see them again? They’re now online, so you can watch them at a time that best suits you.

GCSE Maths (Foundation) feedback discussion

GCSE Maths (Higher) feedback discussion

GCSE Statistics feedback discussion


New exemplar student responses from the Summer 2019 papers are available with accompanying examiner commentary.

GCSE Maths exemplars

GCSE Statistics exemplars

Modified Summer 2019 papers

Modified papers are available to help students with varying needs access past examination materials.

GCSE Maths modified papers

GCSE Statistics modified papers

New: updated specification guidance and tiering support

As part of our commitment to support you every step of the way with our qualifications, we’ve updated and added to our support and guidance for the courses.

GCSE Maths content guidance provides commentary from the senior examiner team on content statements, how the specification is assessed, as well as examples and FAQs. It now includes Summer 2019 questions mapped to the sections of the specification, and details on geometrical statements and command words.

GCSE Maths enhanced tiering support is a collection of tools to help you determine a suitable tier of entry for your students' mock examinations.

You can also access the full range of free support, including classroom posters, on our website.

Preparing for GCSE mocks?

If you're planning on setting GCSE mocks for your students soon, there are a variety of materials you can use to create your assessments:

Past GCSE Maths papers from June 2017 to November 2019*

Past GCSE Statistics papers from June 2019*

GCSE Maths mock materials and practice questions*

GCSE Statistics practice questions*

examWizard: a free online resource with past-paper questions and support materials you can use to create your own mock exams

* Please note: you’ll need your Edexcel Online username and password to access some of the materials. Your exams officer will be able to let you know your login details.

More materials on the Maths Emporium

In addition to support on our website, there’s also the free Maths Emporium.

It includes new extra support for GCSE Maths, with:

  • Practice tests and mark schemes based on appropriate questions from the Summer 2019 International GCSE papers that your students can use for extra practice
  • GCSE Maths shadow papers that are slightly amended versions of the Summer 2019 papers that you can use as unseen mock exams
  • Student-friendly mark schemes for GCSE Maths that are guides to good practice, indicating where marks are given for correct answers

To access these materials and more, visit the Maths Emporium

Have you seen the free Guide to Tackling Maths Anxiety?

We believe in the #PowerofMaths. That's why we're focusing on tackling an issue that's seen and felt in thousands of classrooms, homes and workplaces across the nation: maths anxiety.

Our free Guide to Tackling Maths Anxiety draws on research, insights and tips from experts across education, academia, business and the third sector, who attended our 2019 Power of Maths roundtable.

It's full of practical tips, guidance and reflections for every age and stage, so you can join us in tackling maths anxiety and forging more confident and resilient learners, teachers and communities.

Download the guide today (PDF, 1.7 MB)

All that's left to say is, have a wonderful Christmas break!

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