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Clarification of misleading admin instructions in 2012 GCSE language specifications

Wed Apr 25 11:47:00 UTC 2012

Regrettably, our new 2012 GCSE language specifications include certain forms from the original 2009 version, which are now outdated. 

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We're sorry for any confusion that this may cause.

The new 2012 specifications reflect the changes resulting from the 2012 GCSE linear reforms. The revised specifications do not include any changes to the content or overall assessment format of the qualification. Controlled assessments continue to feature in the GCSE 2012 specification. You can find out more about the changes on the Languages subject page.

For confirmation of the correct forms to complete and submit for the GCSE controlled assessments, please consult the Administrative Support Guide (ICE). You'll find this in the course materials for the relevant subject.

If you'd like Word versions of the CM2 and CM4 forms to facilitate administration arrangements at your centre, you can find them on our Languages forum - just follow the links below:

The latest specification also includes another reference from the original specification that no longer applies: the use of an ‘A5 size piece of paper’ for candidate notes in the speaking and writing controlled assessments. Candidates should use the CA2 and CA4 forms that appear in the Administrative Support Guide (ICE) rather than pieces of paper. These forms are also available under 'forms' in the ‘controlled assessment’ category of each GCSE language page.


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