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Announcing a new partnership with UK Anti-Doping

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), an active participant in the global fight against doping in sport. 

UKAD has worked closely with Pearson to ensure that extensive anti-doping education is available for all students studying the 2019 BTEC Level 3 Sport qualifications.

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This new suite of qualifications will equip students with the specialist knowledge and practical skills they need to progress along their chosen career paths. These qualifications include sporting excellence and performance, sport and outdoor activities, sports coaching and development, and sport, fitness and personal training.

Seeing an opportunity to develop its anti-doping education, UKAD has added its world-renowned expertise to these new BTEC qualifications, with an increased focus on clean sport, safeguarding and integrity. This increased focus on clean sport education will help transform and educate the future sport workforce.

UKAD’s recently appointed Head of Education, Paul Moss, said:

“This new partnership enables us to further the integration of anti-doping knowledge and skills, ensuring that those supporting athletes or young people engaged in sport are able to offer correct advice at critical moments in their sporting careers. From the gym floor at school, to elite level athletes, we have a responsibility to ensure everyone with a pathway into sport is educated correctly on anti-doping.

The world of anti-doping is always changing, and the content we’ve developed in partnership with Pearson ensures students have relevant and up-to-date information while studying. We are grateful to Pearson for their support in our education efforts and our commitment to help protect clean sport.”

Our Sector Manager, Becky Laffan, said:

“We are really excited to be working with an organisation such as UK Anti-Doping, as it supports us to create content that is up-to-date, industry leading and relevant for our learners. We are passionate about career focused education and the best support for the future sport and physical activity workforce.

Just like education on safety in science and security in technology, anti-doping education is vital in the world of sports, so it’s imperative we include this going forward for those learning through BTEC and wanting to kick-start their sporting careers.”

The 2019 BTEC Level 3 Sport Qualifications are available to deliver now.


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