Important update: May 2019 assessment for BTEC Nationals in Business and Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

26 March 2019

Find out about the important changes we've made to the May 2019 assessments.

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Pearson has been made aware of alleged malpractice issues related to the external assessment of the BTEC Nationals in Business and BTEC Nationals in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship during the recent January assessment for the following units:

  • 31489H - Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign
  • 31588H - Unit 6/12: Principles of Management
  • 31589H - Unit 7/6: Business Decision Making.

The instances that have been reported to us include where extracts of the live paper, discussions between candidates, and examples of learners colluding have been posted on online platforms. These cases have been, or are in the process of being fully investigated by our malpractice team, and the affected centres are aware.

As a direct result, we have immediately reviewed our assessment plans for the summer 2019 assessments. In order to prevent any recurrence, we will move these units to a one-day (morning) slot, meaning there will no longer be an assessment ‘window’. This change aims to reduce instances of malpractice.

We have discussed these changes with centres that have large cohorts, in order to mitigate any challenges, and also analysed data relating to when assessments were scheduled within the ‘test window’ for January. We have reached the conclusion that it is viable for centres to run timetabled assessments for these units, and, where large cohorts exist, appropriate alternative arrangements could be used to ensure all learners can still access the assessment.

What changes have been made?

The changes in the window are shown below and also reflected in the updated timetable.



Previous window

New window/ time

New submission deadline


Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign

13/05 - 14/05

13 May (am)

15 May


Unit 6/12: Principles of Management

07/05 - 08/05

7 May (am)

9 May


Unit 7/6: Business Decision Making

16/05 - 17/05

16 May (am)

20 May

The Special Requirements team can assist any centres who anticipate timetable clashes or learners who require more flexibility regarding the scheduling of their exams. For more information regarding timetable clashes, please read our Special Requirements page.

Your subject advisor is available to support centres in understanding the Assessment Support Guides (ASG) and for any other teaching or assessment queries.

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Pearson is committed to ensuring that the integrity of our qualifications is maintained by ensuring that all our external assessments are valid, reliable and fair to all. Throughout every series we monitor customer feedback, social media and our marking data, in order to reflect on all aspects of the assessment. Throughout this process we have reviewed, and will continue to review, the issues that have arisen and will respond appropriately.


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