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Pearson and Coventry University collaborate to create integrated BTEC Higher National Degree proposition

26 October 2020

Pearson is joining forces with Coventry University to launch a new integrated Pearson Higher National Degree proposition in a bid to widen access to high-quality education across the globe.

The two innovative institutions are teaming up in a bid to aid accessibility to Higher Education across the globe, with this new qualification set to give Pearson Higher National students access to a UK honours degree, as a seamless and integrated offer.

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The collaboration will see Coventry University building on the existing Pearson Higher Nationals qualifications, allowing Pearson Approved Centres globally to offer an integrated degree awarded by Coventry University, encompassing a Pearson Higher National qualification.

Students studying Higher Nationals at level 4 and 5, which are equivalent to the first and second year of a UK university honours degree, will now be able to attain a level 6 degree awarded following an additional year of study at a Pearson Approved Centre. Upon successful completion of that additional year of study, students will receive a degree awarded by Coventry University

The collaboration will allow students to study for a UK degree, powered by a Pearson Higher National within their home country. It will also allow them to remain at the same institution after completing the Pearson Higher National at Level 5 in order to complete a degree. Pearson Higher National students will now have a clear line of sight through the Pearson Higher National to a UK honours degree, as a coherent and integrated offer.

Coventry University is one of the top three providers of transnational education among UK higher education institutions (Higher Education Statistics Agency 2018/19) and this collaboration will expand that global reach and combine different academic and practical approaches to learning.

At launch in early 2021, selected Pearson Approved Centres will offer the new programme before plans to expand what is set to be a long-term partnership between Coventry University and Pearson.

Professor John Latham, CBE, Coventry University Group Vice-Chancellor said:

“We are delighted to collaborate with Pearson on this new integrated degree as we are committed to finding and working with academic institutions who are innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial and who share our ambitious international agenda and the same desire to deliver excellence in education.
“We have wanted to expand into this sector for some time but we have had to wait for the right partner with those shared qualities. Pearson is the perfect partner for us, as they mirror our progressive and innovative approach to learning. Their dynamic ethos fits in with The Coventry Way and we look forward to working with them to provide many students with an alternative route to securing a UK degree.”

This new collaboration is the first of its kind for Pearson Higher Nationals and Gary Gates, Pearson’s SVP Global Business (Pearson VUE) & UK Higher Education echoed the Vice-Chancellor’s sentiments. He said:

“Coventry University’s innovative and progressive approach to learning made them the ideal partner. We are pleased that this new integrated programme will provide Pearson Higher National students greater access to a degree pathway.” 

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