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Read the guidance on transferring CDs to digital files for BTEC Firsts in Music, unit 8 - Music and Production Analysis exam.

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Centres are reminded that there are potential risks to stereo field identification and to the accuracy of specified timings in questions if the format is changed from the CD provided. Centres should ensure that the stereo integrity is maintained if they need to transfer the tracks to a digital file.

Since the CD is secure exam material the Exams Officer may transfer one disc onto a portable medium or supervise the secure process under exam conditions 48 hours before the exam date.  

On the morning of the exam, centres may transfer the tracks to a protected folder which only learners in the exam may access. 

It is the centre’s responsibility to ensure that the tracks are used for exam purposes only and then deleted from all systems or any removable device.

Centres are reminded that the CD(s) is for exam purposes only and therefore should be returned with question papers to Pearson or destroyed once the exam is finished.

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