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New Arab-specific learning resources from Pearson

21 November 2013

We're boosting student engagement in the Gulf region with a range of new, culturally relevant and contextualised learning resources.

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Mr Nigel Kelly, who leads Pearson’s portfolio for schools in the Middle East, says learning materials developed especially for regional students allow for better student engagement in the learning process and higher achievement levels. He says:

“Students are more likely to reach their potential in the classroom when they are taught using learning resources that take into account their background and experiences. Resources that use examples, images and language familiar to students help them better relate to the learning content, and therefore more likely to assimilate and recall new information."

Mr Kelly made these comments as Pearson announced its Social Studies for Saudi Arabia series has been adapted to cater for learners from kindergarten to grade eight. The series had previously only been available for students up to grade five. A Social Studies text for the entire Gulf is also currently under development.

Pearson also offers the My Gulf World and Me series, which includes six levels of carefully leveled readers that provide a clear progression path for school-age students developing the basics of the English language. The books feature local, everyday words, visual themes and topics taken from the Middle East to give children the opportunity to engage with key learning areas. The series also offers an activity book for each level to consolidate learning and encourage the application of core skills, grammar, speaking, listening, writing and comprehension.

The author, Kate Riddle, says she has seen the difference these texts can make to the learning experiences of students in the Gulf:

“It is fantastic to see how excited students become when they read books that contain photos and information that relate to their daily lives in the Middle East. Immediately their interest is heightened and they are motivated to continue reading and learning.”

Since 2011, Pearson has also offered a series of academic textbooks especially created for Arab university students known as the Arab World Editions. The collection encompasses 16 titles, across a range of disciplines including Finance, Accounting, Mathematics, Science, Business and Marketing. The collection consists of brand new titles as well as Arab adaptions of popular international texts. The author of the Arab World Edition of Introduction to Mathematical Analysis, Professor Saadia Khouyibaba, says that the collection meets strong demand in the region for textbooks and accompanying resources that are developed and written by academics that live and work in the region and that understand the unique learning needs of regional students.

“For the first time, Arab students have access to high quality learning resources, created by leading international experts that take into account the unique cultural, religious, political and economic circumstances of the region. By using examples taken from Arab companies, interviews with Arab business people and case studies of Arab examples, students from the region are more engaged with their learning and therefore motivated to achieve better grades. Regionally tailored resources also provide students with knowledge that will be more relevant to their future careers in this region."

Sue Mainey, who is responsible for marketing the Arab World Editions for Pearson, believes that it is not only the texts themselves that have made this collection so popular, but the accompanying materials that have been tailored to meet the learning needs of students in the region

“Feedback we have received from lecturers using the Arab World Editions is that the Arabised accompanying resources, which include the online homework and teaching tool, MyLabs, make the whole learning process a dynamic and engaging experience for students. Lecturers have recorded significant improvements to student performance after using these products, which indicates the efficacy of the texts and support materials in making a real difference to student outcomes."

Mr Kelly says that Pearson is confident these regionally tailored resources will continue to have a positive impact on the learning outcomes of students across the Gulf region.

“Pearson works all around the world to bring educational solutions to millions of people every day. This far-reaching experience has shown us that the best learning takes place when it is relevant to those undertaking it. I believe that these contextualised learning tools will make a real and lasting difference to learners in this region, helping them to meet their learning goals and realise their ambitions”.

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