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UAE Ministry of Education praises new generation of school leaders

Fri Oct 25 12:00:00 UTC 2013

The UAE Ministry of Education praised the first graduates of the School Leadership Programme, which embraces international best practice in teacher leadership. 

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H.E. Fawzia Ghareeb, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Operations at the UAE Ministry of Education, complimented the graduates for successfully completing the training programme.

H. E. Humaid Al Qatami, UAE Minister of Education, presented graduates of the School Leadership Programme with certificates at the conclusion of the 3rd Annual Education Conference, in the presence of officials from Pearson International, which is conducting the programme.

The ceremony marked the successful completion of the programme by 140 teachers, supervisors, vice-principles and principals from across the Emirates. The graduates are the first to complete the programme, which is being rolled out by the MOE and the world’s largest education company, Pearson. The programme’s design and delivery have been especially tailored to meet the needs of school leaders and have been jointly developed by Pearson and the United Kingdom’s authority on school leadership, the National College for School Leadership.

H.E. Fawzia Ghareeb, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Operations at the UAE Ministry of Education, remarked that the candidates showed commendable abilities during the training sessions, and added that they deserved to lead the development drive at schools towards advanced levels.

H.E. Ghareeb said that the ministry uses all possible tools to develop the skills of competent local individuals and bring them on par with advanced international techniques and global best practice.

H.E. Ghareeb mentioned that the ministry had launched several initiatives in this regard.

The programme forms a critical component of the UAE Government’s Education Reform Agenda, aimed at improving the standard of teaching and learning in the Emirates’ schools. Over 700 educators will undertake the programme over five years, which will provide participants with international best practice in school leadership. The programme is part of the Government’s recognition that improved school leadership practices are essential to the ongoing improvement of the country’s educational indicators. A study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) offers strong evidence that improving school leadership policy and practice can improve school outcomes.

The OECD says that school leaders are:

“...facing challenges with the rising expectations for schools and schooling in a century characterised by technological innovation, migration and globalisation. As countries aim to transform their educational systems to prepare all young people with the knowledge and skills needed in this changing world, the roles and expectations for school leaders have changed rapidly. They are no longer expected to be merely good managers. Effective school leadership is increasingly viewed as key to large-scale education reform and to improved educational outcomes.”

Pearson’s Senior Vice President of Professional Development in the United States, Sherry Priess, who spoke at the ceremony, agrees:

“Transforming school leaders into dynamic and effective instructional leaders is a critical component of meaningful educational reform. School principals need comprehensive development and support to be equipped to create learning cultures, which promote strong student outcomes. Through Pearson’s school leadership programmes, we can help improve school environments so that the core responsibility of a school – helping learners learn – can be better accomplished.”




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