What are the benefits?

Discover the range of benefits that employing an apprentice can provide to your business.

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  • Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.
  • Apprentices can gain knowledge and skills that enable your business to work better and quicker.
  • They can strengthen your bottom line by improving productivity and enabling you to be more competitive.
  • They can fill any skills gaps in your workforce, often introducing new techniques and technology to increase productivity
  • Apprenticeships can attract higher calibre staff and lead to a more motivated and committed workforce who stay longer, cutting recruitment and training costs.
  • Apprentices who start their working life with a company can be trained to embrace the company culture and tend to have a higher commitment to the overall objectives.
  • Introducing young, enthusiastic apprentices into the company can have a positive effect on the business, encouraging a culture of learning.

Our standards offering, known as Pearson Apprenticeships, consists of products and services across a wide range of sectors, all designed to ensure your apprentices achieve the best possible outcomes throughout their apprenticeship.

  • Our experitise and innovation in apprenticeship delivery is second to none
  • We offer apprenticeship solutions across a variety of key sectors, to cover all your training needs
  • We continually refine our apprenticehip products and services to ensure that we meet the needs of both apprentices and employers with a real focus on business results
  • Our Apprenticeships are flexible and designed to ensure that your apprentice can learn on the job and become productive as quickly as possible 
  • We use the latest digital technology, such as on-screen testing, to make learning more interesting, enabling apprentices to progress speedily through the qualifications
  • We supply an extensive range of support services and assessor resources to suit the type of apprentice and business requirements.