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Subject update | 27 April 2023

Consultations on A level Chinese and Japanese have been published by DfE and Ofqual

The Department for Education and Ofqual have both published consultations seeking your views on changes to the current Subject Content and assessment arrangements for Chinese and Japanese AS and A levels to allow the use of English where it is reasonable.

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The DfE’s consultation invites stakeholders to comment on the following proposed changes: 

  • When assessing comprehension (listening and reading) skills, questions and responses are expected in English. 
  • Questions on literary works or film are provided in both the language of study and in English. 

Ofqual’s consultation, as a response to the changes proposed by the DfE, invites stakeholders to comment on proposals to change the assessment requirement that limits the number of marks that can be used for responses in English.

For full details please read the consultation documents: 

Access the DfE consultation

Access the Ofqual consultation

These changes are proposed to take effect from September 2024, for first assessment in Summer 2026.  Therefore, you should not make any changes to the delivery and assessment of your current A level courses.  

Please note that the consultations reference the Subject Contents for A level and AS qualifications, but Pearson Edexcel offers the A level route only

The consultations will be open for 5 weeks, closing on 31st May at 11.45pm. 


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