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Subject update | 30 August 2023

2024 speaking windows confirmed

The prescribed speaking window dates for centres to conduct their Modern Foreign Language oral assessments have now been confirmed for the May/June 2024 series.

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May/June 2024 speaking windows

Qualification Speaking window
(Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Gujarati, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu)
15 April –
17 May 2024
A level
(Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish)
15 April –
17 May 2024
International A/AS levels
(French, German and Spanish)
This qualification is only available in international centres.
15 April –
17 May 2024
International GCSE
(Chinese, French, German, Spanish)
25 March –
3 June 2024
International GCSE
(English as a Second Language, Swahili)
The speaking test is optional for these qualifications.
25 March –
17 May 2024

Please note that the following Pearson-Edexcel qualifications do not feature any speaking test:

  • A level: Arabic, Gujarati, Greek, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Turkish and Urdu
  • International GCSE: Arabic (first language), Bangla, Greek (first language), Sinhala and Tamil
  • International A level*: Arabic and Greek

*only available in international centres

Submitting speaking assessments

All speaking recordings should be submitted via our online Learner Work Transfer (LWT) platform within 2 working days of completing the oral examinations for that language qualification in your centre.

Please note, LWT will be open from 1st April 2024. If conducting speaking assessments for International qualifications before this date please keep the materials secure and submit once LWT has been opened. 

If completing your speaking assessments on a Friday, for example, you would therefore need to submit them via LWT by the end of the following Tuesday. This enables us to ensure that assessments are allocated to our examiners throughout the window and avoids the marking of speaking assessments impacting on the marking of other language qualification components.

Guidance on submitting assessments via LWT is available on our website.

LWT guidance PowerPoint and recorded training for language qualifications

November and January speaking windows for International Qualifications

We confirmed these dates in March 2023.

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