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Subject update | 11 June 2018

GCSE English: getting ready for the summer 2018 exam series

This update contains a reminder of the processes for preparing your students' work, key deadlines, and the materials you need to send to your monitor for the submission of the Spoken Language Endorsement (SLE) of GCSE English Language 1EN0.  

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Entry deadline for GCSEs: 21 February 2018

Entry codes

1EN0: students sitting the qualification for the first time or students resitting and wanting to make a new attempt at the SLE.

1EN0 T: students who have achieved ‘pass,’ ‘merit’ or ‘distinction’ in a previous series and want to carry forward the SLE grade they have already obtained.

How many times can a student carry forward their SLE grade?

As many times as they wish during the life of the specification.

What happens if a student claims to have an SLE grade and is entered using 1EN0 T but it emerges that they have no grade?

The student’s entry must be changed to 1EN0 and the student must complete the SLE as usual. Entries can be amended free of charge until 21 April 2018. Thereafter, late fees will apply.

Final dates for submission of the SLE sample: 15 May 2018

By 15 May 2018 you must have submitted your SLE grades on Edexcel Online, and sent your sample to your monitor (whose name and address will be on Edexcel Online from mid-April).  

SLE guidance documents

The key information on SLE can be found in these documents.

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SLE authentication sheets

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Informing candidates of their centre assessed marks prior to submission

Candidates must be told the grade given by their centre for a centre assessed component/unit. This requirement is to enable candidates to request a review of the centre’s marking prior to the grades being submitted to the awarding body, should they wish to do so.

Access the JCQ guidance

Do I need to carry out internal standardisation?

Yes, you should use the standardising clips to standardise all teachers assessing the SLE.

How do I submit my grades to Edexcel? And what do I do if I make a mistake?

Your grades should be submitted online via Edexcel Online/ EDI. You must print out a copy of the grades for the monitor and for your own records. I will contact you again nearer the deadline to explain how to do so.

In order to enter grades you must have ‘basic access’ and ‘Coursework and Portfolio’ ticked on your Edexcel online profile. If you don’t have this, your exams officer can amend your profile.

Where is the Edexcel Online link?

Access Edexcel Online

If you need to be set up with an Edexcel Online account please ask your exams officer.

If you've forgotten your Edexcel Online password you can generate a new one.

Generate a new edexcel online password


If you've already submitted a grade but it needs to be amended (for example, because of an administrative error), please email the details to courseworkmarks@pearson.com.

Identifying the sample of work that you have selected to send to your monitor

On Edexcel Online, after entering your grades, you will be able to indicate the candidates whose recordings are in the sample. Students with ‘not classified’ cannot form part of your sample.

Who is my monitor?

The name and address of your monitor will be on Edexcel Online or EDI from mid-April.

I hope you've found this update useful. If you have any further questions about the submission of the SLE please do not hesitate to contact me.

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