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Youth Parliament November 2022

On 4th November 2022, the UK Youth Parliament sat in the House of Commons to debate issues of importance to them.  

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UK Youth Parliament

The UK Youth Parliament is a youth organisation which is made up of members between 11 and 18 years old.  They have been democratically elected to represent their area in Youth Parliament elections.  These elections are held every two years in 90% of all constituencies and are open to all young people aged between 11-18. 

The process is managed by the British Youth Council.  To find out more, please see their website:

British Youth Council website

They aim to provide an opportunity for young people to use their voice and work towards change in society.  It empowers them to have a say, be an active citizen and know they can make a difference.  

Members of the Youth Parliament (MYPs)

Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) are elected every two years across the UK.  All young people between 11-18 are entitled to vote or to stand for election and this often takes place in schools.  

Members of the Youth Parliament meet with MPs and local councillors.  They are actively involved with trying to bring about change in society, through organising events, making speeches, holding debates, running campaigns and listening to the young people that they represent to ensure their voices are heard.  

November 2022 debate

On 4th November, the group of over 200 MYPs met in the House of Commons to debate issues important to them.  This was the first time since 2019 they have been able to meet due to the pandemic, and it was the first time that representatives from British Overseas Territories were also present.  

It involved a morning and afternoon session with the morning session chaired by speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle.  Key issues that were chosen for debate included:

  • The environment and health
  • Education and health
  • Mental health services

The young people who took part spoke eloquently and passionately about these issues and were a credit to their constituency.  

UK Youth Parliament, morning session


UK Youth Parliament, afternoon session


News coverage

BBC NewsUK Youth Parliament: ‘We have fire in us to create change’

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British Youth Council: UK Youth Parliament to campaign on the cost of living crisis and health

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Links to GCSE Citizenship Studies 

There are many areas of this qualification that this event can link to, especially when looking at the specific content that was debated, however here are some areas of the course which this can support:

Theme B: Democracy at work in the UK

  • Elections and voting systems
  • The Westminster Parliament

Theme D: Power and Influence

  • Citizen participation in politics and society
  • The role of groups and organisations in democratic society

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