Teaching support

To help you deliver exciting BTEC Sustainability Skills lessons, we’ve created a number of resources linked to the qualifications. We’ve also listed some websites that are relevant to sustainability themes. 

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Teaching resources

Our BTEC Sustainability Skills teaching resources include:

• Interactive flash activities supported by teacher guidance, created by British Gas
• Example projects for the mandatory unit created with the Woodland Trust and WaterAid
• Sample assignments for every unit
• Learning outcomes matched to other organisations’ BTEC Sustainability Skills resources. 

Sample assignments for each unit help you plan, deliver and assess. For each unit the assessment criteria covered and the evidence required are included - particularly useful for tutors who are delivering a BTEC for the first time.

The Recycool initiative encourages schools to collect used mobile phones and printer cartridges for recycling.

Level 2 - Unit 33

Level 1 - Unit 16 

The Get Global Project is a citizenship resource for 11- to 16-year-olds from Oxfam Education.

Level 2 - Unit 41 

We’ve carefully selected some other websites that deal with the sustainability themes covered in this qualification. Please note that we can’t be held responsible for the content of these websites or the links remaining active. If you do find any inappropriate content or inactive links, please let us know at myskills@pearson.com.

British Gas - Looking after your world

British Gas logo

A new island has been discovered off the coast of England! With the UK population ever increasing, we need to develop the island ready for inhabitants. If we could start afresh - with the technology we have today - what would we do to create a suitable infrastructure?  

Britsh Gas graphic
Britsh Gas graphic

British Gas has worked in partnership with us to create these exciting interactive resources. Your learners can take a 3D tour of the island and work in teams to build a sustainable infrastructure. They can then track their progress and reflect on their learning using the learner record sheets, while you can ensure all the assessment criteria have been met for the Project and Working in a Team units using the built-in teacher guidance.

These resources continue the support to education that British Gas offer through their sustainable schools programme Generation Green, which has over 11,000 schools signed up to receive free curriculum support materials. 

Woodland Trust logo

We have worked with the Woodland Trust to create three sample Projects, at Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2. As it’s important that learners choose their own project, these examples are fairly broad so they are perfect to use to get you started and get the creative juices flowing! 

Woodland Trust Entry 3 Unit 1 Project

Woodland Trust Level 1 Unit 12 Project

Woodland Trust Level 2 Unit 30 Project 

To learn more about the Woodland Trust and browse the activities available on their site, visit www.woodlandtrust.org.uk.

Water Aid logo

We’ve worked with WaterAid to create three sample Projects – at Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2. These projects provide guidance on how to set up a fundraising event, and for each level show how the assessment criteria can be achieved.

WaterAid Entry 3 Project

WaterAid Level 1 Project

WaterAid Level 2 Project

More inspiring activities and support are available from the WaterAid website