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Have you started teaching A level English with another exam board but are now considering moving to Edexcel? It's easy to start teaching our specification, and you'll find all the documents you need right here.

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Why move to Edexcel?

  • We listened to teachers’ feedback, so our revised list of poetry for AS and A level now has fewer poems.
  • A clear and easy to understand course structure.
  • One genre per paper to meet pre-1900 requirements.
  • Our exams are fully open-book, which is clearer for teachers and students.
  • We’ve made sure our exam papers are student friendly; they’re clearly presented in sections and with logical question styles - so your students can really show what they know.
  • Each AO has equal weighting, with each assessed in the appropriate question(s), meaning you can help your students to focus their response on the skill required.
  • Free copy of our Shakespeare Critical Anthology: Comedy, for all students.
  • Our AS and A level qualifications are co-teachable.


  • We provide free face-to-face coursework marking training. Book your place
  • We also offer a coursework advisory service, which offers you the opportunity to look at student coursework and includes marks awarded and commentary.
  • Each term, we run local networks which include training content. So far, we’ve looked at incorporating: other interpretations into responses at AS and A level, approaching the post-2000 poetry Anthology, and in the autumn term we’ll be covering how to select coursework texts and tasks, and teaching comparison skills.
  • Our Mocks marking training pack also enables you to look at student responses to specimen papers.

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