BTEC Specialist and Professional Qualifications Remote Invigilation

Under normal circumstances invigilation of BTEC Specialist and Professional qualification tests must be conducted face-to-face within the centre or workplace. However, if this is not possible due to COVID 19 restrictions, you can request an exception to this rule and make use of video conferencing software.

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As this is an interim solution, it will only be available to learners who cannot delay their assessments any further and require these assessments to progress onto the next stage of their learning. In addition, remote invigilation is not yet appropriate for all BTEC Specialist or Professional tests. It is currently unavailable for any Specialist or Professional qualifications that are linked to Licence to Practise, or where qualifications confirm competence in a high-risk role. Please contact the Customer Portal  if you wish to discuss further.

To request this exceptional arrangement, you must contact us using the Invigilation Exemption Request Form.

Please ensure that you have received approval to run assessments in this way before starting any assessments.