July 2015 ePortfolio update | Pearson qualifications

July 2015 ePortfolio update

Thu Jul 30 11:00:00 UTC 2015

This month’s update includes the findings of the use of ePortfolio from the recent market research carried out.

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Our findings on the usage of ePortfolios

We recently carried out a piece of market research with customers on the usage of ePortfolios. Thank you to those that were involved.

We received some feedback and questions about some of the features on the ePortfolio so thought you would appreciate knowing how to use some of these features.

Did you know you can:

  • Delete evidence which is already loaded onto ePortfolio.

    Centre administrators can delete evidence uploaded by assessors within ePortfolio. If assessments have been made in error, before continuing the user will be prompted to acknowledge that all assessment decisions will be deleted if they continue. 

    There is a 'video tutorial' available for centre administrators under the Help menu within ePortfolio.  
  • Track learner progress against overall qualification, unit, learning outcome and assessment criteria.

    Learner tracking is displayed using progress bars - whether it's the overall composite qualification, standalone components, units, learning outcomes and/or assessment criteria. 

    This is visible to all users (centre administrators, internal verifiers, assessors, learners, managers/employers).

    This is detailed in the comprehensive user guides and/or video tutorials.
  • Link assessment planning, assessment referencing and feedback to learners - these need to be connected (all assessment decisions are linked to evidence and comments from EVs, IVs, assessors and learners are completely visible).

    All users (dependent on permissions) can view assessment decisions and feedback against a particular piece or range of evidence.

    This is fully auditable and accessible for internal and external verification.

    Users can find more information on these tasks in the ePortfolio assessors user guide.

  • On the front page you can see a single rating for learner progress. This exists for learners, but is also available for IVs, assessors and centre admins using sub-menus).

    Learners are presented with the overall progress against their composite qualifications and/or standalone qualification once logged into ePortfolio. This appears on the user's home screen. 

    This is also available to centre administrators, internal verifiers and assessors. 

    You can find further details in the relevant user guides - available for download under the 'help' area, once logged into ePortfolio. 

We hope these tips help and if you have any further questions on the use of ePortfolio or the current features please contact us.



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