Security update - November 2020 | Pearson qualifications

Security update - November 2020

26 November 2020

An update on all that is new in the Security sector.

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Update to the Adaptations for the Security Licence to Practice Qualifications

Centres are advised that an updated version of the ‘Assessment Guidance for Centres during the COVID-19 document is now available on our website:

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Please note in particular the update on page 5 as follows:

Adaptation for Level 2 programmes (SIA Addendum 10.11.20)

The SIA has agreed to some C-19 adaptations for current level 2 licence-linked qualifications for the period 12 October 2020 until 31 March 2021. 

The SIA has agreed some flexibility for some theory elements of training and assessment detailed below. The SIA has also agreed to adaptions to the current requirements, to make it possible to deliver remotely (virtually) the following qualifications in full:

  • Security Officer (SO)
  • Public Space Surveillance CCTV (CCTV)

The SIA has also agreed to adaptions to current requirements, to make it possible to deliver remotely (virtually) three of the four units in the Door Supervision qualification i.e. all units other than the Physical Intervention (PI) unit.

Standard contact times have been adapted to support this. If distance learning is not used pre-course, the following contact times apply to the remote delivery:

  • Security Officer to be delivered over a minimum of 5 days (28 hours)
  • CCTV over a minimum of 5 days (28 hours) with the practical assessment on the 5th day (using an appropriate portable CCTV system that can be controlled remotely via the internet)
  • Door Supervision (without Physical Intervention) delivered over a minimum of 28 hours (5 days).

The use of role play in Conflict Management Unit must be done via group discussions using the provided scenarios and more general Q&A session.

Centres must use an online platform which enables live video and interactive delivery of training via a ‘virtual classroom’ which a cohort of learners attends and gives access to personnel from Pearson and the SIA (plus SQA in Scotland) to ‘drop in’. A maximum of 12 learners is permitted for online learning.

Onscreen and paper-based tests

Onscreen and paper-based tests continue to be available for all qualifications, but centres must adhere to the most up to date Government guidelines.

Where it is still possible for learners to complete assessments safely, staff must ensure that invigilation, test notification procedures, and government social distancing guidelines are followed in full.

Where tests cannot continue safely, centres/training providers are advised to delay tested assessments.

Approval requirements for the SIA C19 adaptations

Any centre interested in using the SIA adaptation (use of flexible delivery for CCTV, Security Officer and Door Supervision- Units 1, 2, 3 only) must: 

  • contact Pearson via the customer service portal to confirm your interest in using flexible delivery approaches (selecting ‘Approvals and Centre details’ as the issue type)
  • centres will then be sent further details and an Expression of Interest form to complete to confirm the adapted delivery requirements can be met, this includes being able to complete learner ID checks via secure electronic means
  • once this has been sense checked by Pearson, centres will be invited to complete an application form and submit it, along with the required evidence, to be reviewed by the Pearson Approval team.

If a centre currently has approval for either Door Supervision or CCTV and would like to be approved for the Security Officer qualification, this can be applied for as part of the process above. Centres who are approved to deliver during using the SIA C19 adaptations/flexible delivery will need to follow all revised SIA guidance regarding Pearson and SIA access to remote delivery sessions and will need to ensure learners are registered with Pearson prior to commencing any cohort delivery.

Further details will be sent to centres once they are approved.


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