Security update - May 2024 | Pearson qualifications

Security update - May 2024

Fri May 10 11:00:00 UTC 2024

An update on everything new within the Security and Protective Services sector.

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Secure storage 

A reminder of the secure storage requirements for examination materials, as per the Security Centre Handbook: 

  • The door leading to the secure storage unit should be of solid construction and should have a security lock 
  • Secure room should only be accessed by exams office staff 
  • Secure room should have: 
    • Walls, ceiling and floor of strong, solid construction 
      • If windows are easily accessible, they must be fitted with bars or the room alarmed 
    • 2 – 6 key holders 
  • The safe or cupboard/filling cabinet should be secure and not easily removable 
    • Cupboard/filling cabinet should be metal and have a secure bar fixed 
    • Only accessible to 2-6 exams staff 
  • Includes key or electronic code 
    • Appropriate arrangements must be made for the collection and dispatch of test scripts 
  • Completed papers are to be securely stored until dispatched to Pearson 
  • Live examination material must be transferred securely from storage to the test venue 
  • More details about the secure storage of exam materials are available in the JCQ guidance and “Conditions for Storing Exam Material”. 

The JCQ ‘Instructions for Conducting Examinations’ document is available on their website: ‘ICE’ – Instructions for conducting examinations - JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

Test cancellations 

A reminder that you must ensure that dates and times of courses and tests are accurate in your test notification form, and that you must notify us if you cancel a test.  
If you need to advise us that you are cancelling or changing the details of any tests please email   
If a test inspector arrives at your centre but is not able to carry out an inspection because there has been a change to the test timings (e.g. it has already been completed, or because you put the wrong time on the test notification form), or the test has been cancelled, and you have not given us notice of the change/ cancellation, action may be taken against your centre e.g. you may be charged a fee for the unsuccessful visit and/or referred for maladministration. 

Signing assessment records 

A reminder that assessment records should only be completed and signed at the point of assessment.  If learners or assessors are found to be signing assessment documents at any time other than at the point of assessment (e.g. before the assessment has taken place, or after the qualification has been claimed) this will be considered as evidence of potential malpractice – this in turn may lead to the revocation of learner certificates and withdrawal of centre approval. 

Security Centre Event slides 

The slides used in the recent Security Centre Event held in February are now available to download from the Course materials tab of the Security qualification pages on our website: Teaching and learning materials - Additional resources: Security Centre Event

Internal quality assurance templates 

The IQA Sampling Plan template and the IV Assessment Record Sampling template are now available to download as Word documents for centres to use if they wish. Visit the Forms and Administration section of each Security qualification page to download the documents: Forms and Administration: IQA templates

How to use Sharepoint: Webinar 

The recording of the recent webinar and accompanying ‘User Guide: Screenshots’ document on how to use your Security SharePoint folders are now available to download from the Guidance tab on each of the Security qualification pages on our website: Guidance: How to use Security SharePoint Folders  


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