Security update - February 2023 | Pearson qualifications

Security update - February 2023

14 February 2023

An update on everything new within the Security and Protective Services sector.

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Please see below a few notices and updates relating to the Security licence-linked qualifications: 

Work Based Learning Security Standards Verifier Recruitment 

We are currently recruiting Security Standards Verifiers - if you are interested in applying for the role more information is available below.  Please feel free to forward on to any colleagues who may be interested in applying. 

NVQ - Security - Standards Verifier

Test Notification Form 

Please be advised that you are now asked to confirm your course start date on the test notification form for Security licence-linked qualifications. 

Learner Photo and Signature Files 

A reminder to please ensure that you upload the learner photo and signature files onto EOL when you register your learners, so that we can send these files to the SIA as soon as the learner has been certificated.  If these files are not uploaded we are unable to submit their data to the SIA and learners will be unable to progress their licence application. 

Learner Registration Details and SIA Licence Application 

A reminder that the details learners provide at registration (and that are inputted into EOL) must be identical to the details they include in their SIA licence application e.g. full first name, inclusion of a middle name, correct date of birth.  Any errors or inconsistencies between the registration details and the licence application will result in the licence application not being processed.  More details about why a licence application may be unsuccessful were included in our May Insight Newsletter available here: 

Security update - May 2022

For Virtual and Blended Learning Courses only: The SIA has provided an updated notification form for Centres to complete and submit to the SIA 5 working days before the delivery of the course start to

The SIA has advised that the form has been changed to incorporate courses that have blended learning, the differing exam methods and allows for better clarity when providing links to the training sessions and exam drop ins. 

Please use the attached updated form to notify the SIA of any virtual or blended learning courses with immediate effect. The form is also available to download from our website:

BTEC Specialist | Door Supervisors in the Private Security Industry - Course materials

To notify us of any virtual or blended learning courses, please contact us via the Support Portal


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