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Trailblazer update

23 June 2015

People 1st has extended its consultation on the retailer assessment plans (although the dates on the documents still say the consultation closes on 28 May, it will remain open until mid-end July). 

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They are calling for responses to make sure the apprenticeship assessment is robust, deliverable, manageable and affordable.

Consultation documents:

1. Retailer apprenticeship standards

The standards simply set out the knowledge, skills and behaviour that employers have agreed apprentices should have by the time they finish the programme.

2. Retailer assessment plan

Please note that this first consultation focuses only on the planned independent end assessment activities. The trailblazer is currently developing proposals for governance and quality assurance and these will be consulted upon once complete.

Please respond to the consultation using the consultation questions template at the end of this document and then return it by email to

The assessment plans and standards will be submitted on the 27 August.

We will update you as soon as possible with any updates and implementation plans.


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