November 2014 update | Pearson qualifications

November 2014 update

Fri Nov 21 13:39:00 UTC 2014

This month’s update includes our newly accredited Multi-Channel Retail Apprenticeship, new crib sheets and the latest Trailblazer news.  

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Multi-Channel Retail provides progression route from Retail and Trade Business Services

In August, our Level 3 Apprenticeship in Multi-Channel Retail was accredited. It provides a suitable progression route from Retail Skills and Retail Apprenticeships at Level 2 or the Trade Business Services Apprenticeship at Level 2. 

The multi-channel retail environment, supporting online trade, includes activities such as:

  • updating websites
  • creating web copy
  • specifying web content and layout
  • maintaining a library of materials
  • maintaining data confidentiality
  • forecasting sales trends
  • managing stock.

If you are interested in providing this qualification, please contact your account manager for further details.

Crib sheets

Crib sheets are now available for the qualifications listed below. You will find them available to download on the qualification pages under ‘BTEC Specialist’ or ‘NVQ and competence based qualifications’.

  • Multi-Channel Retail Apprenticeship -  Level 3
  • Trade Business Services Apprenticeship – Level 2
  • Hospitality Retail Outlet Supervision Apprenticeship – Level 3

The crib sheets contain key information about each qualification including the purpose and target learner. 

Achieving Excellence in Skills Performance

We also have a crib sheet for Achieving Excellence in Skills Performance at Levels 2, 3 and 4.

These qualifications are optional to take alongside all Traineeships, Apprenticeship and Higher Apprenticeship frameworks or NVQs (any that have vocational practical elements). They can also be taken as standalone qualifications. They apply to any Work Based Learning sector. 

Each level of qualification has 2 pathways – a competition route and a non-competition route. Some of our Hairdressing course leaders are interested in the first pathway as they often enter their learners into local competitions. This qualification is a way of recognising the preparation that a learner puts in prior to the competition and how they conduct themselves within it. This could apply to any sector competitions, from bricklayers to chefs.

The non-competition route is for employees/learners who display capacity for self analysis and reflection, and subsequent improvement of their performance in their job role beyond the level required to show competence, in other words, ‘excellent performance’.

Retail Trailblazers

Phase 3 Trailblazers have been announced. In the next phase, the following Retail Standards will be developed by employers sitting on the TB group:

  • Retail Supervisor
  • Retail Manager. 

We are continuing to engage with the group on the Phase 2 developments for Retailer. We anticipate that the full details of how these standards will be rolled out and assessed will be available in March 2015.


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