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Trailblazers for Hospitality Apprenticeships

19 March 2015

Some standards have been approved for trailblazers. Find out what this means in this update.

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The following standards have been approved for trailblazers:

Standards approved for trailblazers

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See the approved standards

These trailblazer apprenticeship standards will be used instead of the existing Hospitality apprenticeship standards from 2017. However, the current SASE apprenticeships will continue until August 2017.

The trailblazer groups and awarding organisations are now working on how the standards will be assessed and determining finer details including specific timelines. We are planning a series of webinars to update you on trailblazers activity (expected to begin in the summer when more information is available).

For more information, contact Tara Powerville.

Tara PowervilleSector Manager for Hospitality

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