December 2015 work-based learning and colleges update: Hospitality sector

10 December 2015

This month's hospitality sector update includes details on new hospitality apprenticeship standards, qualification extensions and withdrawals, and a review of national occupational standards (NOS).

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New hospitality apprenticeship standards

Following the rejection of the retailer assessment plan by BIS (owing to the continued fundamental issue of the industry’s proposal for employer led governance and quality assurance, on which policy is yet to be defined) the assessment plans for hospitality team member and commis chef (which were written in a similar vein to retail) have been revised and were resubmitted on 26 November 2015.

View the submitted assessment plans

Awarding organisations also provided the new apprenticeship standards group with costings for the proposed independent end assessment element of the plans to help determine the funding cap for the apprenticeship. These were submitted at the same time as the assessment plans.

We anticipate a decision on whether the plans are approved or not in late December/early January.

Awarding organisations will be meeting with the new apprenticeship standards group in January to further plans for assessment, grading and quality assurance which we will then be able to share with our customers.

Qualification extensions

  • Hospitality SVQs - we are awaiting a letter of support to enable an extension to 31 January 2017.
  • L3 Diploma in Food and Beverage Service Supervision has been extended to 31 December 2017

Qualification withdrawals

  • L2 Award in Practical Food Safety will be withdrawn from registrations from 31 December 2015 (This is not L2 Award in Food Safety in Catering/Retail)

National occupational standards (NOS) review

The national occupational standards (NOS) for hospitality were reviewed and submitted for final sign off this month.

Learn more about national occupational standards for hospitality


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