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December 2014 update

30 November 2014

In this month’s update, you’ll find out more about consultations and research from People 1st, Trailblazer timescales and planned sector forums. 

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Hospitality Trailblazer update

People 1st have set up a consultation on their website to receive comments on the proposed assessment for the Senior Chef Apprenticeship Standards. The consultation is divided into 2 options: a short consultation or a full consultation.

The consultation on the first version of the assessment document closes on 5 January 2015. However, a revised version will be uploaded shortly after, so if you miss this date you’ll still be able to give us your views before it closes on 30 January 2015.

View the consultation 

This is the first assessment plan to be consulted on from the Hospitality Trailblazer and we expect more will follow. However, some of the principles decided upon from this consultation may well carry forward to other standards within the hospitality sector. Therefore, please take the time to complete either of the consultations so that you can have your say.

Trailblazer timescales

The latest information is that the Senior Chef Standard will be implemented as a pilot in September 2015 (possibly January 2016). Other standards will be implemented after these dates. All standards will be expected to be in place by 1 August 2017. SASE frameworks will continue for new registrations until 31 July 2017 (running alongside the Trailblazer Standards until that time if necessary).

Sector Forums

We’re currently planning a number of Sector Forums for the hospitality and retail sectors. Updates will include the Trailblazers covering the standards and funding, other sector developments and general updates, as well as a session on standardisation and keeping occupational competence up to date with our Senior Standards Verifier.

Provisional dates and venues (TBC):

  • Nottingham (TBC)
  • Oxford (16 February)
  • Manchester (24 February)
  • London (3 March). 

Confirmation and further details including how to book on these events will be posted on the sector training page

New research from People 1st

The Sector Skills Council’s latest research insight report, Creating a sustainable workforce in Hospitality and Tourism, is now available. This report explains that the hospitality and tourism industries will need to recruit 843,800 members of staff by 2020. The need for consistent recruitment isn’t due to industry growth, however, but because of poor staff retention.

Of the 843,800 staff required, 700,000 will be needed to replace existing staff. Recruitment and retention go hand-in-hand and the report suggests 2 effective options to break the endless cycle of recruitment and retain staff:

  • Redesign jobs, making a career in hospitality and tourism more attractive and financially viable
  • Target and attract different labour pools, with the prospect of a long-term career and flexible work arrangements.

Read the full report 


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