Healthcare Flexibilities update - January 2023

10 January 2023

Update: Flexibilities for ST0215 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner, ST0216 Healthcare support worker, ST0217 Senior healthcare support worker 

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Please be advised of the recent communication we received regarding temporary dispensations for the standards detailed below. 

This communication relates to the following standards: 

  • ST0215 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner 
  • ST0216 Healthcare support worker 
  • ST0217 Senior healthcare support worker 

Thank you for the recent engagement where we asked for your views in relation to the impact removal of flexibilities will have on apprentices and employment settings. This was forwarded back to OFQUAL to illustrate the need to retain these flexibilities. 

We have since received communication that after a detailed review internally at IfATE with input from trailblazers, employers a decision has been made to continue with the planned removal of the dispensations on 31 December, 2022. 

If apprentices are in the gateway approved or approved for EPA status by 1 January, 2023, they will continue to be assessed using the flexibility.  

For apprentices entering gateway post 1 January, 2023, they will be assessed using the existing assessment plan of face-to-face observations. 

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to email  


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