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Health sector bridging skills for Higher Education

Sun Nov 30 11:39:00 UTC 2014

Pearson is working with Skills for Health and the university network to develop the Level 3 Certificate in Bridging Skills for Higher Education. 

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Currently if advanced apprentices wish to progress to a university degree programme for nursing or any other registered profession in the health sector, and they have not achieved A levels, they have to undertake an Access to HE course validated by the university of their choice. This can take up to 12 months after completing the Advanced Apprenticeship.

The new certificate will cover the academic skills that advanced apprentices need to progress to higher education. The qualification will be fundable and will be recognised nationally by universities throughout England. It will be undertaken at the same time as the Apprenticeship and will ensure that advanced apprentices are given equal parity with A level candidates for entry to university

Proposed content of the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Bridging Skills for Higher Education

Learners will complete all of the following units, totalling 16 credits:

  • Extended academic essay and report writing skills for higher study
  • Essential skills for academic study
  • Extended project skills for academic study
  • Finding and reading information skills for academic study
  • Understanding opportunities in higher education.

Centres will be responsible for devising assessments for the learners. Pearson will provide sample assessments for each unit.

Who can offer the new qualification?

Centres providing the new qualification will be expected to:

  • have a Progression Agreement with at least one Higher Education Institution offering professional education programmes in health and social care
  • commit to contributing to the ongoing evaluation of the qualification
  • devise a personalised assessment plan for each learner
  • ensure learners know the difference between copying from sources and interrogating such sources when completing assessment assignments
  • allow learners to complete multiple assessment tasks if this is what is needed to enable them to demonstrate achievement
  • integrate study skills learning and assessment into the learner’s vocational programme.

See more information on the Skills for Health website.

We’re currently compiling a business case to take this development forward. If your centre would be interested in delivering the qualification when it is available, please contact us.

Karen Lawlor
Sector Manager
Contact the WBL team 


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