November 2014 update | Pearson qualifications

November 2014 update

25 November 2014

This month’s update features new units for Manufacturing Engineering, a request for support from employers and the latest on the new Apprenticeship Standards. 

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Pearson BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Engineering (Specialist: Manufacturing Engineering) (QCF)

This qualification is currently being amended to include an additional 7 units. These units are as follows:

M/600/0377  Working Safely and Effectively in Engineering 
T/600/0378  Interpreting and Using Engineering Information 
A/600/0396  Selecting Engineering Materials 
L/600/0399  Using Computer Aided Drawing Techniques in Engineering 
A/600/0401 Operation and Maintenance of Mechanical Systems and Components 
F/600/0402  Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Systems and Components 
J/600/0403  Operation and Maintenance of Electronic Systems and Components 

For more information on this qualification, please contact your Standards Verifier or Account Specialist.

19+ funding retention

As part of the new rules for awarding organisations, we're required to provide at least 5 letters from employers giving their support for qualifications to retain funding as standalone provision for learners aged over 19. This will not affect qualifications' Apprenticeship funding, which will remain.

Within the engineering sector, we are seeking support from employers for the following qualifications in order to retain funding for 2015/16:

501/0585/1  Pearson Edexcel Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Business-Improvement Techniques (QCF) 
501/1693/9  Pearson Edexcel Level 1 NVQ Diploma in Performing Manufacturing Operations (QCF)
501/0659/4  Pearson Edexcel Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Manufacturing Operations (QCF) 
501/0584/X  Pearson Edexcel Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Business-Improvement Techniques (QCF) 
501/0020/8  Pearson BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Lean Organisation Management Techniques (QCF)
600/4135/3  Pearson Edexcel Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Manufacturing Sewn Products (QCF) 
600/4136/5  Pearson Edexcel Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Manufacturing Textile Products (QCF) 
600/3897/4  Pearson Edexcel Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Textile Care Services (QCF) 
601/2547/0  Pearson Edexcel Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations (QCF) 

If you feel you are able to support us in this request, please contact us.

Apprenticeship reform and Trailblazers

We're currently working with the following engineering Trailblazer groups to develop new qualifications and assessments for the revised Apprenticeship Standards, due to be in operation from September 2015. These won't completely replace the existing SASE Apprenticeship Frameworks but will replace roles within them.

  • Aerospace and airworthiness
    • Aerospace Manufacturing Fitter
    • Aerospace Electrical Fitter
    • Machinist
    • Aircraft Maintenance Fitter (Fixed and Rotary Wing)
    • Maintenance Mechanic (Military)
    • Survival Equipment Fitter (Military)
    • Airworthiness Planning Quality and Safety Technician
    • Aircraft Certifying Engineer
    • Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer
    • Aerospace Software Developer
  • Automotive
    • Mechatronics Maintenance Technician
    • Product Design and Development Technician
    • Tool and Die Maker
    • Control/Technical Support Engineer
    • Electrical/Electronic Technical Support Engineer
    • Manufacturing Engineer
    • Product Design and Development Engineer
  • Automotive Retail
    • Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Service Technician (Light Vehicle)
    • Auto Industry Customer Service Advisor
    • Vehicle Sales Advisor
    • Vehicle Parts Operator.

For more information on these occupations or the Apprenticeship Trailblazer and reforms in general please contact us.


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