Engineering update March 2017 | Pearson qualifications

Engineering update March 2017

Mon Mar 27 13:11:00 UTC 2017

Engineering update for March 2017  

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Apprenticeship Standards

We are waiting for the publication of a new Apprenticeship standard and assessment plan in Engineering – 'Engineering Technician'. This new standard contains 13 pathways which includes all the current approved standards. For example:

  • Mechatronics Maintenance Technician
  • Aerospace Maintenance Fitter
  • Machinist and Engineering Technical Support Technician

This standard will be updated regularly with new occupations meaning that all the information you need for most Engineering apprenticeships will be in one place.

We hope that this standard and assessment plan will be published during April, subject to a funding band review and will be available for delivery from May.

For more information as to the pathways and the requirements of these, please contact Bryony Leonard on

Qualifications to meet current Apprenticeship Standards 

There is an updated list of current qualifications available from Pearson and the Apprenticeship standards these relate to. This list will be updated regularly and will be available from your account manager.

You can view the current list here. 

Employer/Provider Briefing Events 

On 14 March, Jaguar LandRover hosted an Employer/Provider briefing event at their National Heritage Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire. Almost 100 employers and providers attended these sessions.

You can view the slides from the sessions here.

SASE Frameworks

Consultations are ongoing in relation the withdrawal of SASE Apprenticeship Frameworks.

The following frameworks have been confirmed as being withdrawn as of 1 October 2017:

593 Mineral Products Technology
544 Rail Traction and Rolling Stock Engineering

The following frameworks are currently being considered for withdrawal as of April 2018:


Composite Engineering

Full framework (Level 2,3)


Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Full framework (Level 2,3)


Vehicle Parts

Level 3 only


Vehicle Sales

Level 3 only

Should you have any concerns about the withdrawal of any of these frameworks, please submit your requests to Paul Turnbull from SEMTA by 5 April 2017.

BTEC Nationals 2016 – Apprenticeship Frameworks

SEMTA are currently reviewing the SASE Apprenticeship Framework for Engineering Manufacture and we have requested a number of additional BTEC Nationals 2016 qualifications to be included, this gives you the option to either use the new qualifications or continue to use the current QCF versions. These should appear in the next version which will be available for September starts. 

BTEC HNs in Engineering – Apprenticeship Frameworks

We have also asked SEMTA to include the new HNs in Engineering to the relevant pathways of both the Advanced and Higher Apprenticeship frameworks in Engineering Manufacture – these should appear for September starts. 

BTEC Nationals in Engineering (QCF)

We have extended the operational delivery dates of these qualifications until December 2019 to ensure that they can still be delivered as part of Apprenticeship Frameworks.

These qualifications will still be available and funded for 16-18 year old learners, but will not attract funding for 19+ learners although they will be eligible for loan funding. These qualifications are not included on the DfE Performance Tables. They will still continue to attract UCAS points.


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