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Engineering update April 2017

25 April 2017

Changes to the Engineering Level 3 Apprenticeship Standards

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The following Apprenticeship standards were withdrawn from the website on the 31 March 2017 and are no longer available for registrations:

  • Mechatronics Maintenance Technician
  • Product Design and Development Technician
  • Machinist
  • Engineering Technical Support
  • Toolmaker and Tool & Die Technician
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Fitter
  • Aerospace Electrical/Mechanical and Systems Fitter
  • Aircraft Maintenance Fitter/Technician (Fixed and Rotary Wing)
  • Airworthiness Planning, Quality and Safety TechnicianMaritime Electrical Fitter
  • Maritime Mechanical Fitter
  • Maritime Fabricator
  • Maritime Pipeworker

These standards are now included in a new Engineering standard – ‘Engineering Technician’. These occupations within the new standard remain identical with the same on programme and end point requirements.

Grouping most Engineering Apprenticeship Standards ensures that:

  • learners can transfer between occupations as individual skills development and employer demands require without affecting success rates
  • ensure consistency of delivery and qualifications across the occupations 
  • to ensure that learners receive the highest level of training and support required to be successful in their future roles, as well as ensuring a rounded delivery of ‘core’ engineering knowledge to ensure transferability of skills as needed.

All the occupations listed in this standard are approved for delivery with a top level funding cap of £27000 (from May 2017).

Additional occupations will be added to this standard (i.e. Manufacturing Fitter) as they are developed by the employer groups.

The existing Level 6 standards will also move into this new 'grouped format' with the introduction of at least two Level 2 standards for a Manufacturing Operative and an Engineering Operative.

These standards are designed for individuals working in a level 2 semi-skilled role and are not designed as a ‘stepping stone’ to Level 3. The foundation phase of the Level 3 will remain a mandatory requirement and will not be the same as the skills, knowledge and behavioural requirements required for the Level 2 occupations.

Pearson have an on-programme offer for many of the occupations listed above and the full list of qualifications available can be obtained from your account representative.

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