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May 2018 Education and Training Update

23 May 2018

The May 2018 news covers updates on Education and Training Apprenticeships as well as the annoucement of a series of taster courses for learners.

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Education and Training

There has been progress in relation to the long-awaited Apprenticeship standards for Education and Training.

Assessment Plans for the following two standards have now been published on the IFA website:

  • Level 3 FE Mentor
  • Level 4 Assessor Coach

The only outstanding action for these standards to be available is now the funding cap being agreed so we are very pleased that we can finally start developing these.

Taster Courses

We are currently developing a range of Taster courses for learners who are considering undertaking a longer course such as a full BTEC or Apprenticeship.

The first course that has been developed and will be made available to centres during June is Health and Social Care. This course is mapped to Workskills and a unit from Vocational Studies. It has the following structure:

Module 1 - Finding about yourself

  • Personality testing
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Reflection about suitability to the sector

Module 2 - Working in the sector

  • Video resource showing real life in the sector
  • Case studies
  • Match of learner expectations to the sector

Module 3 - The Health and Social Care Course

  • Difference between BTEC and Apprenticeship courses
  • Progression maps
  • Taster activities for the different course types

Module 4 - Getting into the sector

  • Reflecting on the Taster Course
  • Setting goals and future planning

The taster course is mapped to the following provision that is funded for 19+ learners:

Qualification: Pearson BTEC Level 1 30-GLH Award in Workskills (601/9014/0)
Unit (from QCF Voc studies): Job Opportunities in Health and Social Care (D/501/7228)

We are now starting work on Hospitality and Construction. We are intending to have a selection of courses available for September 2018 including other sectors such as Childcare, Digital and Business. The resources will be free for Pearson centres to use and the only cost will be for centres who wish to claim the mapped qualifications and units


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